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Thiago (James) Testimony

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Hello everybody, my name is James. I spent time at the Youth Recovery Center in Viamão the recovery center run by Pastor Isaiah where I met two of the program monitors, one of them being our friend Elder (DiMC) and his wife Elisangela. I spent six months there. In my six months there, I talked a lot with Elder and Elisangela They do a kind of individual, one-to-one work with us, a work of accompaniment with each one of us where we explain to them the situation that we're in, we talk about our plans, we talk about our goals, we pray together, and we do this individual work with them - really, we work together. And it's really important what they do because every day, from Monday to Saturday the brothers that are there (I'm not there any longer though) but the ones that are there are always waiting for Elder to arrive because he has his time to arrive, his time to depart, he participates in the worship services, he's always with us and whenever anyone needs something he's always ready to help them So, it's a very important work It's a job that has helped many lives, helped many people. There are other brothers whose testimony you will also hear in other videos. These are guys with whom I had a good relationship, and still maintain that relationship outside the recovery center We talk, we converse a lot, we have a chat group on What's App with over 30 guys And we're constantly in contact, with Elder and all the guys, getting together, playing some soccer, hanging out. This is very good. And this, for me, helped me create a goal for my life. A goal to not go back to drugs, A goal of changing my life, a goal of wanting to change, and I want to share with you all that through the experiences we had, all the talks and advice, I'm going to propose to my finance now on April 22, of this month, and I'll get married next year! And I want Elder to be there! Amen, brother and sisters! That's it. So this work has to continue, man, this work is good! This job you're doing is helping the guys a whole lot Keep their support going please! Thanks a lot and let's stick together!

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Posted by: mlrehbein on Apr 22, 2016

Testimony of Thiago, one of the guys who recently graduated from the Youth Recovery Center, talking about the impact Elder & Elisangela had on him through their work.

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