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Take Me Home Tonight (2011)

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(father) Matthew, the summer is over. I want to hear your plan. (Matthew) I guess my plan is to keep working at Suncoast Video, until I figure out what I want to do with my life. (mother) We just think you have such potential. You could be an astronaut. Oh. Problem solved. I'll just be an astronaut. ♪ [Naked Eyes - "Always Something There to Remind Me"] (Matthew) You are not going to believe who was just in here. Tori Frederking. (Tori) Don't I know you? It's me, Tori. Matt Franklin. Where do you work? I'm at Goldman Sachs. (Tori) So, are you going to Kyle Masterson's party tonight? Uh, [breathes out], (Wendy) Amazing! You're going to trick her into liking you. And then you're going to be like, It's me! ♪ ["Relax, Don't Do It"] (Matt) I can't show up in this car. (Wendy) Why not? A Frederking does not roll in a Kumquat. Take a right at these lights up here. We're just going to borrow it. [alarms] We stole a car! [mimicking NWA "Straight out of Compton"] Yo Reed. Tell em what's up. Tell em where you're from. Straight out of Compton. ♪ A brother with his finger on the trigger ♪ ♪ Take off, my rep gets bigger. (guy) What do you do, anyway? I thought you went to MIT? I work at Suncoast Video. Wow. Congratulations. Let's do this! [vomiting] Aaaaaaaaa! Ummmmmm Occupato. (girl) Actually, it's my friend. He wants to watch. It's not negotiable. I'm going to try this. (Matt) Whatever you do, it's what you are going to be. And I just don't know what I want to be. Yet. Will you marry me? (Matt) No. Hell yeah! (Matt) Marriage is a big life decision. (Wendy) Big life decision? At least I'm making some . You're so scared you can't choose anything. (Matt) I suck at this. I just hit rock bottom. So... Don't mind me. (girl) Oh, I love this song. ♪ [Eddie Money - "Take Me Home Tonight"] I love this song. (Matt) Do you want to dance? Why can't you give yourself one night of enjoyment, just one night! Put a little relish on your hot dog! Tori, there's something I should tell you. [cheering] ♪ I don't want to let you go till you see the light ♪ ♪ Take me home tonight , listen honey ♪ It could be worse. (Matt) It couldn't be any worse. (officer) Put your hands in the air. (Matt) I was wrong. Now it couldn't be any worse. Matthew? (Matt) Wow. Wrong again. ♪ Take me home tonight ♪

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