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All Religions began as a Spiritual Process. Sadhguru

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right now for religion has fundamentally become just a certain set of beliefs believing first of all why believing has come? why do you believe in something? because you are not sincere enough to admit that you don't know so much of your life false sense of knowing so the moment you believe something you are in a natural conflict with rest of the existence now I believe my god has no hands you believe your god has four hands now out of your love for your god, both of us are very good friends we call ourselves brothers, we live next door but tomorrow your love for god overtook you and you want to build a big statue of your god in Chicago you built a hundred foot tall statue of your god with four hands you think it's so beautiful with these four hands I looked at it and sacrilege because god actually doesn't have hands i know and these four hands looks so ugly and you are my brother that you are in a such ignorance that you puts hands on god so in the night i go and just remove the hands, these ugly obscene hands you know tomorrow morning you must see you and my brotherhood will be burning will be killing each other, burning each other homes. Isn't it? simply because you believe one thing, somebody else believes something else all the time the fight in the world people are trying to project it like it's between good and evil it is not it is always been so and it is so even now it is always one mans belief versus another mans belief constantly you believe some nonsense somebody else believes some other nonsense endless fighting is going on this is not how this started all religions started as a spiritual process it got distorted over a period of time which is invariably bound to happen to any system it is bound to happen over a period of time people will twist it and turn it according to their misunderstandings and after some time they will make it so ridiculous that you wonder why at all this should exist? that's what you wondering? why should this exist? so going about demolishing churches, temples is not the answer for that because at least their playing the role of the cheap psychiatrist an inexpensive psychiatrist they're giving them some solace maybe total bullshit but some solace people feel lost don't worry, god will take care of you suddenly new level of confidence, god is with me people will go on and live better, it's happened to any number of people so if you just, for those people who are just looking for simple survival It is okay only those who are aspiring to go beyond limitations then all this nonsense that I'm talking about becomes relevant if you are just looking for somehow living and managing and dying one day believe some nonsense and survive whatever is the majority group join that it's more comfortable that way minority is trouble join the majority group, believe some nonsense it carries you on but that will not fulfill you but it will help you to survive so demolishing is not the answer definitely some transformation is needed definitely there's no question about it the way it's going on is absolutely crude, and you know in most idiotic ways it's going on it needs transformation but they are god's own people, you can't transform them, you know so one thing that we can do in the world is always this, at no point in the world you will eliminate all the problems in the world, okay you can only if somebody is creating problems you can go on creating solutions so we have to just add more number of people towards solution finding than problem creating, right now they are a big majority we need to add lots of people looking for solutions sensibly so some kind of balance will be managed in the world don't ever imagine that kind of world where there's no problem, everything is perfect that's a fool's paradise, such things won't happen this will be an endless striving to keep some kind of balance so that it doesn't go totally off the rocker, you know so now if religion is spreading bad blood in the world, which it definitely is is simply because people are just going by a simple set of beliefs and they believe this is it my belief is everything anybody who is not in this belief must be saved or he is not okay or whatever else this is definitely conflict people are talking about one religion in the world, I don't think so, I think we should have seven billion religions in the world each individual because it's something very intimate, something within yourself you don't have to organize it on the street it's something that each individual does within himself religion is an inward step it is not something that you do on the street, on the microphone or somewhere else so if some subtlety is brought into the religion it is a wonderful thing, but right now it's taken on an ugly form

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 18, 2010 Sadhguru discusses the religious distortions that have taken place over time, falsehoods about good and evil and finding solutions to bring about balance in the world. (SaO76)

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