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Alopecia Areata - Fireman recovered

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Health And we continue with another issue In previous programs, we discussed many hair issues how to strengthen hair, add volume to hair Why it falls out and how one can treat it And today, I would like to introduce you to Dror Dror suffered from a problem that caused massive hair loss And next to him sits the scientist Shmuel Gonen Hello to you both Dror, before I begin, I would like to show everyone how you looked when your hair fell out Let's show your picture Well, this is you and for those who do not believe it this is the guy sitting next to me, on my left Please tell me how it began About 2 years ago, suddenly, within 3 or 4 days my entire body hair fell out By entire body hair I mean eyebrows, eyelashes, pubic hair, entire body hair, including the head. All the body hair, fell out within 3 days Excellent, do you know how much people pay for hair removal with laser treatments? I do not know how much they pay for laser treatments but I do not think anyone would like to lose his eyebrows, eyelashes, or other hair Head hair has become "in" many shave their heads in funny ways and you, with what you still have left the remains of my hair You might like to improve it You're wrong But let's ask you, Mr Gonen Does science today know in all certainty what is the casue of this phenomenon? Science in all certainty, does not know There is a theory that the immune system attacks the hair roots and that causes the hair loss But this is a theory, which has never been proven Children come to me aged a year and a half, two years with hair loss - those children did not experience trauma It is true that there are cases where it happens following trauma For instance, a soldier lost his hair during the Lebanon war Suffered from shock, entered into the shower with the water all his hair fell out And slowly he recovered But the truth is that regarding hair, a lot is not known So how do we treat something we do not know a lot about? I have the preparations, which are natural preparations aimed at strengthening the hair roots In this way, it is not important what the cause is once the hair roots are strengthened and aroused the hair grows without one always knowing what caused it to weaken Well, let's now see the steps that you went through Let's now see another picture I see hair that is white hair, what happened here? After the treatment I received, the hair began to grow but in a different way. It grew white in color, the entire hair How did you feel? Look... from a state of total loss... You said: white is better than nothing Total loss, without hair at all suddenly the hair began to grow white I mean only the head hair and then the eyelashes and eyebrows began to grow together And let's see... you became a Dalmatian Part was... patches of black and white People thought it was the fashion, you know Many people were supportive, said this is a new fashion some even did it in the hair dressing salons And here is your hair now, no need to show a picture Now it is my natural hair, my natural hair color and I am still under supervision and treatment and have check-ups with him, from time to time... Shmuel Gonen... ...what one calls maintenance Well, well, your hair looks great actually when we discuss herb-based treatments herbs couls be very dangerous, many of the most dangerous poisons in nature are made from herbs You are right, with herbs there are both extremes: on the one hand there are herbs which are poisonous there are herbs whose poison Indians use for their arrows as it is more poisonous than cobra's poison And on the other hand, there are herbs which are under the category of safe to eat herbs what we call edible herbs There is a book called Pharmacopoeia and another book under the same category, the CTFA which are American books, and in them, for each and every one of the herbs there is a definition of their safety or poison level I use only herbs which do not have any use limitations For instance, there might be a herb which is safe but not for pregnant women, a herb which is forbidden during breastfeeding, a herb which is forbidden above x concentration, There are herbs under the edible herbs category without any limitations. This is the safest usage level. Nice. I thank you, Shmuel Gonen and we understand from your case that if there is, not a case like my own, of (gradual) hair loss, but rather a traumatic, sudden, unclear, hair loss, it can be checked and it can be treated. Thank you both very much.

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Duration: 5 minutes and 30 seconds
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Producer: TV show: The Club
Director: Shmuel Gonen
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Posted by: mec34 on Aug 25, 2010

”The fireman who recovered from Alopecia Universalis".
He came to Shmuel's clinic without a single hair on his body. He said: "Within 3 to 4 days all body hair fell out... ". Less than 6 months later - his hair grew back WHITE in color. Then, DARK hair began to take over. Today he has full DARK hair, totally recovered.

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