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3.11 interview by JEN

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The earthquake and the tsunami happened on the 11th And in that first day we came in and were thinking that we must offer support. But we ourselves were affected by the disasters. So although we began preparations on the night of the 12th, our workers only came to work on the 13th. The first several months we gave support with emergency aid, which consisted of necessary goods or the really crucial things. For example things such as clean up. Because everyone's places were covered with sludge from the tsunami we organized volunteers to clean up that sludge, and so on. With activities such as that we began by providing emergency aid. But after that we have been gradually turning to recovering living situations for them going forward. To recover the things that the disaster victims have lost is unfortunately not really possible. So although one mourns for their families that have disappeared, they will not see them again. But if one can go forward even while holding onto that grief, and if one can recover hope for the future and then if one can feel that one is not all alone then one can move forward. Isn't that right? Of course to those people who have had their houses swept away we are not in a position to say " too bad and there's nothing to be done." However, if they themselves do not lay to rest those things and move on to the next thing, they will always always be in that state of grief. Why was it all lost? Dwelling on that idea one will not be able to take the next steps forward. And yet regardless of whether we say get over it, or it can't be helped--not that we intend to say such things to people-- so even if we did say it, it's that the person their self accept the state of things because it is important that they accept and move on. Therefore it is important to provide something that allows that to happen. And so from long ago JEN has been saying "care of the spirit and aid for independence" and to the extent that the state of the spirit is the premise for being independent recovery is very important. And taking this as an opportunity, the idea is to join forces with those around us

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Posted by: kh386 on Mar 1, 2012

Interview video of Ms. Keiko Kiyama, Secretary General of JEN

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