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How to bypass Internet censorship? – Tor

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Trust is an important tool The activists that use circumvention tools they have to rely on each other. But when it comes to specific technologies, some of the best tools are the ones that don't make you trust them. If you're only going through a single hop than the person that is running a tool like a VPN or a single hop proxy knows where you're coming from and where you're going to. You may trust them, they could still get hacked, they could still be thrown in jail unless they give up your information. The repressive governments are trying to follow you. Who are you that is producing content, that is blogging, that is running this Web site? It's very important for them to trace and arrest them, or make some problems for them. So it's very important to stay anonymous on the Internet and Tor gives you the ability for the anonymity. If you were to describe it as a traffic you would be driving through a tunnel. You also in general have in systems like Tor the infrastructure is run by volunteers and anyone can become part of it. They install the software on their computer and then their computer can become part of the network and help other people circumvent. Tor separates where you are from where you're going online. So it bounces your traffic through 3 relays that are distributed all over the world and run by volunteers. So you connect to the first server and it's using encryption, so it sees an encrypted connection, an then it connects to the middle node and so the middle node only sees that you're coming from the first node, and then you go to the third node and so the third node only sees the second node and where you're going. That's one piece of the puzzle. You also need to use end-to-end-encryption, which scrambles the content of your messages so that even that end node doesn't see what you're doing. So the Tor people are always recruting and always spreading the word that, if you have a computer and you want to be part of the Tor network you can became part of the Tor network as a volunteer. We were just looking, and surprisingly the number of computers that are making up the Tor network seems to be only a thousand or a few thousand out of all the billions of computers in the world So comparatively very few people are contributing ressources in that way.

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Country: Germany
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Posted by: bypasswebcensorship on Mar 8, 2011

How to bypass Internet censorship? – Tor

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