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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

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(Hodge Starkweather) Every day, you live your life... (Jocelyn Fray) You make sure you come straight home tonight. (Hodge)...ordinary, normal. (Simon Lewis) You know your mom, she gets like this sometimes. (Hodge) But there's only so long, you can hide from the truth. (Clary Fray) Let's go in here. [high pitched scream] (Simon) Clary, what is it? (Clary) You didn't see that? (Simon) What are you looking at? (Clary) Why can I see you and no one else can? (Jace Wayland) You're not a mundane. (Clary) What is a mundane? (Jace) Someone from the human world. I'm not a human, than what am I? (Jace) You wouldn't believe me if I told you. [cell phone] Mom, I'm coming home. No no no. You can't come home, you understand me? You don't come home. Mom! Mom! [screech] (Jace) I've been killing demons for over a 3rd of my life. (Clary) You killed two cops! They weren't cops. ♪ [eerie slow rock] ♪ I'm the next step ♪ (Jace) I've been hunting demons across the world in their varying different forms. (Clary) I don't understand what any of this has to do with my mom. (Madame Dorothea) Your mother was a shadow hunter. Like him. Like you. (Jace) There's a map, inside your head, Clary. You are the key to our survival. (Alec) What is it about her? (Jace) She's different. (Alec) She's gonna get us all killed. What now? (Jace) We need to pick up a few things. (Eric) Clary. Wow. You look - different I-I can't talk now, sorry. (Valentine Morgenstern) The world is ours to take. (Jace) This is about more than us. (Hodge Starkweather) Humanity is on the very brink of extinction. (Alec) Jace thinks he needs to save the world... (Isabelle Lightwood) There's too many of them! (Alec) But you don't need to encourage him to do it. (Jace) Have a little faith. (Jace) You have an incredible gift and we need you... I need you. (Raziel) The werewolves are here to save us. Never thought I'd say that. [Captions by]

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