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Луис Фернандес. Великое Белое Братство в Андах. 6_11

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In a very short amount of time we jumped another step. Now, the people on Venus feed themselves the same way that we do, except that they eat only a vegetable and mineral diet. Their physical development is assisted by methods that determine the quantities of minerals and calories that one needs. Their bodies have done away with many of the organs that we still have. We still have them because we eat more than what we should. In order to maintain their species, they still have physical contact for reproduction. But their union is just to maintain their species. they have more pleasure in their spiritual experience. . They said that in order for us to keep advancing as a species we need to continue getting closer to ourselves and helping one another to wake up. There is an evolution chain in the universe. Some of them have reached a very high level of development socially. They are able to share that freely to people like ourselves. Something that really touched me was how E’tel looks. He is a being of about 5’ 12”. They have clear eyes. Their skin is like sunburn. Their ears are bigger than ours. Their attire was fitted close to the skin. E’tel said that in order to find true spirituality, going to the top of the mountain to sit and meditate for hours is not required. To find true spirituality you only need to understand the laws of nature and how to live in harmony with nature. True spirituality is not far away. It is very close to us. One’s true transformation comes from that which allows us to change our attitude, to think positively, to feel positive, so that we then act positively. He took me to the presence of three elders – the wise people of Venus. They spoke lovingly to me through the universal language, which is not only telepathic, but is a series of ideograms, which is what they call a record. We know it as the Akashic Record. This is something that is in the Van Allen Radiation Belt around the Earth. It is continuously recording every thought of every one of us. In its physical form, there are seven plates. That’s what the elders said. Earth’s Akashic Records are protected by an internal government of the Earth. This internal government of the Earth is known as the Great White Brotherhood. And this Great White Brotherhood was formed at the end of the destruction of the ancient Atlantis civilization. Before the disappearance of their civilization, the elders of Atlantis protected their knowledge by placing it in trusted guardianships at the various colonies that they established in different locations inside the planet. It is at these places where the positive government of the Earth is residing. They are waiting lovingly for humanity to mature so that they can give us this knowledge and then the new humanity can be guided, like a road map, so that we don’t make the same mistakes again. That is how it was conveyed to me. So, near to where I used to live at Lake Titicaca, in another small lake known as Lago Winaymarka in the Almara language, there is one of these internal places. Part of my mission is to stay in touch with them because they are human beings, teachers who, for thousands of years, have understood the purpose of the Earth and of the creation of the cosmos. Either way, since an image is worth more than a thousand words, I have made this recreation for you. This is minimally close to what I saw and experienced with the guides of Venus.

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Posted by: muzlaner on May 29, 2011

Луис Фернандес прибыл из Боливии. Он имел контакты с представителями внеземной цивилизации с планеты Венера и спутника Юпитера Ганимед. Он так же контактировал с т.н. "Предками", обитателями подземных пространств нашей планеты. Авторитетная комиссия с агенства ТАСС подтвердила, что опыт Луиса не выдумка.
Перевод с испанского Мануэля роберто. Перевод на русский с не очень удачного английского транскрипта Узланера М.

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