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Introduction to Evolved SIEM

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I'm going to walk you through today, why RSA NetWitness Suite should be synonymous with what an evolved SIEM is for you and your customers. In order to do that, we first need to just take a quick look at the SIEM market. And really, what the promise of SIEM was.

As you all know, the SIEM originally promised to be the centerpiece of a security operation center by ingesting all of the data across all of the infrastructure and doing some analysis to find the bad. What we know is that the promise was different than the reality. And reality is, SIEMs were very good at getting data in for correlation and compliance but not very good at threat detection and response. And we believe the market continues to have problems in defending against today's attacks for a few reasons. Number one: The shift of our IT landscape to social, mobile, and cloud leaves us with a perimeter that has now exploded. The sophistication of attackers continues to increase and we know that our CISO's struggle to keep their security teams staffed at the skill level that they need.

This is exactly why RSA NetWitness is focused on evolving SIEM. Moving SIEM past just a log-centric focus for compliance, past a stack of technology that is siloed and bolted on, to one platform across all of the capabilities that your customers need to actually fight against today's threats while proving compliance. This is why we bring together logs, network, threat intelligence, endpoint data, user and entity behavior analytics, and orchestration and automation into one platform that we call an evolved SIEM. It's important to note that this type of platform really is evolving what our customers need, beyond just compliance. We are able to have pervasive visibility, to find the threats that actually matter. We're able to provide your customers the capabilities around the full scope of attack identification and making the right decision at the right time based on business context.

So we're really happy to have you all on board. We believe in the RSA NetWitness Suite's evolved SIEM strategy and believe your customers will really benefit in understanding the value that will bring to them. Thank you.

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Introduction to Evolved SIEM

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