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2019 - Michelle KAROL

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Yes. OK. So we'll get started where you start it Tell me about how you started your temporary business and how long you've been doing it for I've been in Tupperware approximately 20 years I started when our children were very small and it was a wonderful lifestyle for them growing up and I sold, I would say off and on about maybe seven years, and then we relocated with my husband's job So I had a different career for seven years and I think I've been back for maybe about 13 months, but it's really been, it's really been a wonderful, it's really been a wonderful journey So what was the catalyst reason? Did you go to a party or did you just decide one day that you wanted to sell Tupperware? I went to a party, I fell in love with the products like pretty much everybody and I just wanted to do my six parties so I could get my free stuff And of course, after that I was hooked Cool. How has Tupperware changed your life and the life of your family since you started? Tupperware has really changed our mindset and I think our children have really learned to set bigger goals than, I think we would have never been where we are without Tupperware They've really gone out in life and experienced and sought out and done so many more things than … Oh yeah, you can. It’s just always running Okay. Yeah. I just think, how would you say that? I think our kids have learned to set goals and dream bigger dreams because of Tupperware and they've seen what it's done for us and … Do they assist with the business? Do they help you? Well, they've helped with set up and tear down and some of those kind of things. Of course, most of the kids, Tupper kids probably have stamped catalogs you know and they really see what it's like to own your own business and they see the flexibility I think growing up with the kids being younger, just having that flexibility to always be able to go to the games and be present and that just made such a huge difference I didn't ever have to miss out. I got to chaperone the Girl Scout trip or the Boy Scout trip, so I got to be the cool mom I love that How has your career with Tupperware affected you personally?Like your growth and confidence, growth financially, growth and travel and just cultural changes Travel is definitely a huge passion for me So having the opportunity to travel as much as we have has just been amazing Tell me about some of your trips We have had the opportunity to go on a trip to Norway That's amazing And a lot of times with Tupperware, with a bigger trip we can extend the trip So we were able to hike up Pulpit Rock in Norway and that was a really huge goal for us It was something that has just always been a dream So I didn't quite make it to the top, but it was after a year I had had two back surgeries Wow.Would it be to just do … Yeah, I had just started being able to have movement in right after Christmas and then in the spring, in June, is whenwe went hiking So that was huge So I don't have a picture of me on top of the mountain I was almost there, but I have a picture of Luke on top of the mountain and I mean, I'm just always going to remember that. So I think sometimes it's not always the goals that we reach 100 percent, it’s that journey along the way Right That really makes a difference So, of course, Italy too was absolutely amazing They just take such good care of you and you're just treated like royalty and there's nothing else like that in the world That’s awesome And then tell me about how it's affected you personally, just as a growth experience I really feel like we're all put on earth to edify others and that is probably my biggest passion, is being able to lift other people up no matter where they are in life. And just getting to work and grow with so many people where no matter where they are in life, it's really incredible to just see that, you know, somebody that maybe you invite into Tupperware and how they can not only just grow financially in their pocketbook, but just watching them grow their you know their mindset of personal growth The confidence that it instills in them and it … What else could you say? You can say you love working with your team I love working. I love growing people Yeah Any standout success stories? I think every time somebody on your team reaches another milestone, whether it's a big success or a small success, you're always in the background just cheering them on. And it is like watching your own children succeed, because you just feel like that proud mom moment Let's talk about what brought you in the first place, the products The products Tell me what is your favorite? I know it’s a hard question, but if you could just pick one or two So, picking your favorite Tupperware product is like asking you to pick your favorite child So that's really not possible I love all the base systems, of course The Modular Mates, the Freezer, the Fridge, the Microwaveable All of those systems are the base of our business. So that is really what when people, when your customers get hooked on the systems and what that can do and what that can bring to their lives, that's really the base for me. And of course, all of the technology. The pressure cooker, the smart multi-cooker is one of my favorites on the grill All of those are just phenomenal and they just add to the pot of everything Do you use those a lot at home with the family? Oh yeah What do you guys like to make? I love the 4-in-1 multi-cooker I love that you can do the steaming And even if you're just having something really quick, like pasta, I mean you'll never sit and watch water boil again Yeah It's such a time saver, but the health aspect when you're steaming something, we do double stacking the steaming all the time You know some sweet potatoes on top, some chicken in the middle or I love the 4-in-1multi-cooker for the roasted red pepper chicken Farfalle. I love that that's so good. So good. Yeah It really makes you feel like a gourmet cook Definitely, and it’s so comforting And it's so easy, 14 minutes and it's done Yeah, that's true. Yeah, that's a great one It's a very popular recipe on the box So as somebody who's been with Tupperware for 20 or so years, what would be your biggest piece of advice for somebody who's looking to get into their Tupperware journey? I would say just give it a try It only takes one party The name of our team is Ripple Effect And I feel like just offering that one extra little tip at a party, just offering the opportunity to one more person, you never know who that opportunity is going to affect, how that's going to affect somebody or somebody down the line So just by the power of one you can have that ripple effect that just can change so many lives And sometimes they think, even at a home party, you don't realize the impact that you have by just sharing one little tip or just sharing that opportunity maybe with a mom that just needs that one more little bit of money to make ends meet So we really have the power to change a lot of things just inch by inch, little by little I would just say go for it Try it. See if you like it If it's not for you, it's OK And maybe it's not the right time for you. Maybe the timing is bad and you can always try it again later So, it's a good fit for so many people Absolutely Do you have a favorite Tupperware memory or your BFF that you made while working on your business? I'm sure they're a bunch Sorry. Okay I think almost all my best friends are from Tupperware That's special. Yeah. Good Well, is there anything that you just want to share off the cuff or anything that you guys had in mind that you wanted to share with me? ] Sorry, I'm just a little emotional It’s OK. I understand I just love my past team. I started a new team, so it's exciting Super exciting and you're going to change a lot of people's lives, like you just said. So I can't imagine that. That's tough Yeah I just love to grow people. I love to work with people, I love to It's amazing how many people do not see the potential that they have So it's very fun to see that aha moment when somebody starts to realize and they start to come into their own and they really realize they are a lot more powerful than they ever dreamed Yeah OK thank you so much for your time Not enough Oh gosh I just, especially at this conference It was so nice to meet you and thank you for sharing your insight and advice and we're excited to share these things from all of you with the newcomers Sounds good. Thank you. Thank you so much It’s going to be a good one

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2019 - Michelle KAROL

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