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Timisoara - orasul premierelor

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In 1716, The Fortress of Timisoara is conquered by Eugeniu de Savoya, for the habsburgic crown. And the city starts to integrate in the economical and cultural space of Central Europe. The Administration of the governor Florimund de Mercy designs the city after Vienna's type. By the rule of a strict urbanism and with an specific architecture for Middle Europe. Initially of a later baroque, and later, with influences from the 'seccesion' style. Districts Cetate, Iosefin and Fabric are forming today the largest protected area of patrimony buildings in Romania. In 1728, engineers brought from Netherlands, devise a ingenious system of channels between Bega an Timis. Which can control the flow capacity of Bega. Swamps surrounding Timisoara are slowly runed dry. And river's course is transformed in the first navigable channel from the current territory of Romania. Besides, the swampy ground creates problems in assurance of drinkable water. One of the solutions put in application, by the new administration, to prevent sickness Is the construction of the first beer factory in Romania. In the XIXth century, Timisoara has all facilities of the big cities worldwide. Public lightning is made with animal fat and later with gas lamps. Public transportation is introduced in 1869, both with little boats on Bega, and also with trams trailed bz horses. Soon, after electricity starts being used in America, on Bega is constructed a hidroelectric power station. Thus, Timisoara is the first city in Europe Which introduces electrical lightning in 1884 and electrical trams in 1899. The development of Banat is due mostly to the colonists. Which were attracted, beggining with the XVIIIth century, from almost all parts of Europe. This cultural diversity contributes to the identity of the region. And Timisoara is the only city from south-east side of Europe Where, in only one building are state theatres in three languages: romanian, hungarian and german. In december 1989, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall in Timisoara the Roman Revolution fires. Ten thousand of people are going out in the streets against the Ceausescu dictatorship. And they resist to the bloody regresion started by the government. In 1989, on the 20th of December, Timisoara becomes a free city. And opens the road for Romania, to democracy and market economy.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 25 seconds
Country: Romania
Language: Romanian
Producer: IIT
Director: D. Ratiu
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Posted by: stanciova on Jun 29, 2010

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