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Keeping the Kid in You Alive

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I am all about joy. because it's about an attitude. If you have the right attitude you can be happy regardless of what you're going through, because after all happiness is a choice. And so when we think about it one way to ask yourself how is it that you can be happy when you're down, is to ask yourself, what did you like to do when you were young? And I think we should go around and just check with some people. What did you do when you were young that made you REALLY, REALLY happy? For me it was double-dutch -- and I can't find double-dutch here. It was double-dutch, hula hooping and jacks. I didn't bring my jacks, but I love jacks. I was a jacks master. I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) Sorry (drops hula hoop) And... I need a big one (hula hoop) This is what I used when I was little... So you could do it up top, or you could do it here. Watch... (Clapping) And did you see what just happened That when you're happy, other people get happy. I didn't even know that guy. But he was happy to clap and it made him smile. Joy is like the pebble that you drop in a lake and it ripples. Watch the faces of others... What made you really happy (as a child)? -Everything. -Everything? Like what? Jump rope, hula hoop, for instance. Oh, can you do a hula hoop with me? I'm horrible, but I can try. OK. You like hula hoop too? -Yeah. I can't hula hoop... -That's OK. Oh you can, look! Thank you very much, and you have a wonderful day. There's your bag. Did you see that? -- (Girl) You made my day! THANKS...Can you say that again? You made my day! See, that's what happens. When you're happy, it's contagious. Other people become happy. What did you do when you were young that brought you joy? I used to pretend that I was an animal. He pretended he was an animal. What did you do that brought you joy? I liked to dance around. She liked to dance around. Let's see. Whoa! She's good. Whoa!!! That's great. You did that for a long time! I know, do it again, do it again... I'm going to follow your moves. Let's do that again. At music festivals people do this all the time. -That's good. -Yay! I learned your moves. We played "stoop" (stairway) ball. Do you remember stoop ball? My mom taught me how to play stoop ball when I was a kid. All the kids in Brooklyn (New York, USA) used to play it. Basically, all you need is a set of stairs, so you throw a ball against the steps... And if you catch it on the fly (in the air), it's 10 points. If you catch it on a bounce, it's 5 points. Oh, ok. And you play up to a hundred, and the first person to get to one hundred wins. And initially when you guys were struggling to think about what you did when you were young because I think you were THINKING it instead of FEELING it. Yesterday we got a question of, "How do you get through these recessionary times?" And if you think back to when you were young, most of the things that brought you a lot of joy were free, and they were fun. And you spent time with your friends, and we don't make time. because we're so tense and uptight. -Well, time is money now. Time is money. But think about the time if you go and said, "Hey guys, come on we're going to play stoop ball outside." You would laugh at a rate that kids laugh, which we don't, because we don't allow ourselves to. Well you know, I've got one of these balls in my office. I could come back and we could play stoop ball. You should! Come on, bring it back. So that was great -- I'm so close (to the camera). One of the things that we saw was that everyone that we met did you see how their whole demeanor (attitude and facial expression) changed when they saw me being happy? Or they had the thought and the possibility that they too could go back to their childhood. So you have to make sure that you keep the kid in you alive. It's so important. And the interesting aspect about keeping the kid in you alive: IT IS FREE It's free and it's a matter of choice. So, what did you do when you were young that you really loved, and what are you going to do and what promises are you going to make to yourself so that going forward you're going to put in time to do those things that are free, that bring you joy and have the effect of making others happy too. See you next time, and tweet us with your own ideas, and email us and blog us with what things you did. And the top joy making strategies we're going to share with you at our next episode. By Valerie Mosley (filmed in Boston, Massachusetts, USA) "Keeping the Kid in You Alive" Valmo Productions, 2010

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Keeping the Kid in You Alive

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