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Hi, my name is James Mackey I’m the founder and CEO of a company called SecureVision is a team of recruitment experts that specifically focus on building revenue generating teams for the world’s most disruptive and innovate SaaS companies. The reason that we wanted to create this video today is that we have had the unique opportunity to work with many of the best sales professionals across the globe and as a result we have been able to detract what the commonalities are that make these individuals so great at what they do and that’s what I’m going to share with you today. . We have 6 pillars in total, today we are going to go over the first one. To start out I’d really like to tell you a story about a recent interview I had with an Account Executive. I was speaking with this great account executive who was at I think 170% of a 1 million dollar quota for 2018 We were discussing his pipeline and how he goes about exceeding his goals so consistently and regularly. One of the things we fell upon is that we were talking about his SDR team. I asked him how many of the leads are you accountable for versus are the SDR team accountable for, to provide to you He said that he typically gets 30 to 50 percent of the his leads from his SDR team. I asked him more about the sales process process and what he told me was really insightful. He said, I love working with my SDR team and love being in a collaborative environment and at the same time I always make sure that I have plenty of leads to fulfill my own pipeline so I can meet and exceed my goals and anything that the SDR team gives me is icing on top but I ultimately don’t need them to meet my quota It all made sense as to why he was able to consistently hit his goals. So I think pillar number one, the first rule rule is that if you want to be successful in sales always keep your success in your own hands never put it in someone else’s One of the most important things you can do is even if you are just starting out as a SDR is to really understand the full sales funnel from start to end Even the aspects of the sale or the close that you may not be a part of. Because the more you can understand the sales process on a deep level, you can start to dissect it You can start to understand how to be as effective as possible in each area. So one of the tools I used when I was coming up in sales and that a lot of great candidates are using as well, is when you are looking at your skillset and your effectiveness in each area of the sales process pretend that you are a mechanic working on an engine of a car in a garage and if something something is messed up with the engine a mechanic doesn’t tell themselves oh I’m screwed up I don’t know what to do. No. they just simply replace that part, fix it so that the engine can move more effectively so the car can work. It’s the same thing with you. You want to start to dissect your sales process and understand what I need to do to be as effective as possible in each area so I can control my own destiny and get promoted and move up as quickly as possible. So anyway that’s pillar number one I hope it was helpful and I’ll be following up with 5 more videos over the next couple of weeks. Thank you.

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