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HOM 18 - Alien Races designed the Human Race as Organic ROBOTS

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Mankind 18 - Programming Humans (Jack) This is Jack, Ok so I'm saying I was laughing because, you'll see it will start making sense You'll see the reason for why, certain manifestation of this world are here How it is here? why it is here? what is the involvement of 'all human beings'. So, at the moment, all human beings are, 'programmable' You are, 'systems' you have become systems which had been in 'evolutionary process' since the beginning of 'the design of man' mankind, human beings, and it's interesting So, you are systems from the perspective that since the beginning the, the the integration of, the Atlanteans, into the human physical form to become now 'these systems' I'd say this, since about- 1998? the mani- the 'actual' manifestation, of human being as 'complete systems', was complete was when 'the final phase' of the, absolute 'now' manifestation of, human beings as complete systems, inside the physical human form, was done Now, I'm saying, I'm speaking about you as 'systems' because that is, 'really what you are' that is what you have 'designed to become' Through, an 'evolutionary process' remember it 'did not' just happen in, one moment since you were born, in this Lifetime 'It happened' since the 'beginning', understand the following: That in the beginning this world, wasn't as manifested as it is "now"! It was still interdimensional and 'As this world' manifested, through, 'time' because of the, gravitational 'earth core manifestation', the physical human body manifested together with that 'as well as - the systems', inside the human physical form started manifesting started, 'compressing' becoming this 3D, physical manifested reality 'as you know Now'! which took 'time' Lots! of time. as you, are able to imagine So therefore, it's the planet the physical human form the 'systems' within the human physical form then the 'beings' who had become and integrated as the system who manifested now together, in this physical human form That's why! You're not able to see it. that's why you "don't know"! you're a system How could you? you've never Heard of it you've never Considered it Possible because These systems "as you" as what you've become, through this evolutionary process had become "so much You", that you won't see it It's Impossible! to see something, if you are That! already For instance, if a system take a system for example system programmed, from the moment of conception and it is now a, moving thinking, feeling 'machine' and you say to it: You, are a System! it's going to look at you and say: What? What do you mean systems? explain Now how do you explain, a system that, you're a system! and that is much, where, I will be continuing as well The systems were designed mostly 'through thought' through, emotions and feelings People. those are the 'three points' those are the 'only' three points if you think! if you become emotional, and if you have feelings, that exist within you - you're a system and, if you have any form of 'beliefs' anything that is of this world, if anything defines "you" - you're a system, it is simple but the process of 'releasing yourself', as the systems that you've become! Into 'actual Life expression' that is a different story very very different (smile) So (sigh) 'let me continue', on that note, to place everything into perspective for you Before you, react, I ask you to please 'just breathe, calm down, and hear me out' Watch this 'entire series' before you make 'any assumptions', before you have any reactions whatsoever I ask you to just 'unconditionally hear the words I speak' Just Hear. sit back, allow the words to flow through you, that's it So I was now at, the entire Anu's plan and the, Sirian's plan and the, Serpents! plan the Livuitiuukus, of course then designed the entire 'cycle of Life', circle of Life and, Marduk was part of the 'programming design' of human beings, as what they have become More on that, I will continue in my next interview, thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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History of Man 18 - Alien Races designed the Human Race as Organic ROBOTS

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