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Colin Firth on The King's Speech

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Westminster Abbey is the setting for the show of the century ... ... as peers arrive for the coronation of King George VI. Did you know much about George VI _____ you took this role on? No, (...) not focused on the affairs of the Royal Family ... ... unless a big ______ comes along. For George VI, who was ___ Prince Albert or "Bertie" to his family ... ... that big moment came in ____ . His _______, King Edward VIII ... ... stepped ___ from the throne to ____ a twice divorced woman, Wallis Simpson. "I have found it impossible ... ... to carry the heavy burden of responsibility... ...without the help of the woman I ____ ." As Great Britain prepared for _____ ... ... Albert prepared to reign ... ... while fighting a ____ personal battle ... ... _____ to overcome a debilitating stammer. When you see him running into this problem ... ... it's absolutely heart-breaking (...) It's ____ moving (...) It's not ____ the struggle, (...) The King's wife sought the _____ of a speech therapist ... ... Lionel Logue, ____ by Geoffrey Rush. Now you ____ come to us. My game, my turf, my _____ . Look at Geoffrey Rush's character. That's the guy ... ... we all ____ we had in our lives to turn to. He _____ give up. Please, ___ do that. I'm ____ . I believe sucking smoke into your lungs will _____ you. My physicians say it _____ th-th-the throat. They're idiots. They've all ____ knighted. It makes it official then. If he reaches a barrier he will _____ a stealthy way around it ... ... to try to open this man up. Do you know any ____ ? Timing isn't my strong suit. But through his work with Lionel ... ♪ Jack & Jill ___ up the hill ♪ ... the king ____ finds his inner strength ... ... at a time when his nation ____ him the most. What's he saying? I don't ___ but he ____ to be saying it rather well He's fascinated, ____ even a bit envious ... ... of Hitler's uncanny ability to _____ . I think it's significant that he doesn't ____ ... what Hitler is saying ... ... and he's aware of the menace ... ... but he's tuning in to the brilliance of delivery ... ... thinking "here I am, I ___ even ... ... get two _____ out in front of a microphone ... ... and here's this man who's using it ... ... to the most devastating effect. "Get up you can't ___ there". What helped him through was an unlikely _____ ... ... that taught King George how to be _____. Listen to ___! Listen to you? By what right? Because I have a right to, I have a _____. Yes you do. People _____ that this man was facing his demons ... ... just by _____ to them ... And I think there was a sense ... ... that it ____ him something ... ... and they found it valiant. I think all those things _____ with people. SUBTITLED BY MARTIN GARCIA

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Brief report on George VI and Colin Firth commenting on his role in the film "The King's Speech"

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