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Hello How are you Dad? How are you Mahmud? Hello Hi How are you sister ? Are you fine? Hello Hello son Hi Dady How are you sweety? I am so miss you Oh dear,I miss you too, what about your noghty son! How would you want me to treat with him! Mom you are free to traet him as you like Oh son ,I really can't treat with him, he always peat me !! Hey son ,I would like to tell you some things important ,and these things just said once Mom,first did you forgive me ? Oh,dear nevermind I am always forgiving you,hope god hive you his satisfaction Oh mother ,your satisfaction om me is the important thing for me I really miss you , and I missed you more in the past few days when the Internet connection has been lost between us ,and I felt my self foreignness Oh you made me feel more painful because of the lost of connection I will solve this We were feeling better when we were talking to each other Nevermind,I will solve this soon Thanks god, so you traveld and left us alone , me , your father ,and the little kid, you should take us with you And we stayed alone, no body ask about us!! You were asking about us when you were here, and now we are alone Let god manager these things I want to tell you that I am sorry dear because you are working not studying I couldn't do any thing , but it is also not your fault! Did you understand this Dady Yes Dad Dear,listen to me ,its not your fault, you should be at school now,but you are working! And that matter been been imposed on us And I really know that you have been forced to hold a huge responsibility ,and you are still younger to hold such as this Responsibility But son,I am really proud of you ,did you understand this dear Of course Dad How are Ammar and majdo? Thanks god ,they are fine What's matter with you? No thing! Ooh really what's matter with you sister? Buthaina Really what's matter? Believe me no thing, I just feel lonly here Dear believe me it will be solved ,I swear of god the things will be better Whay are you crying No thing Why are still crying Dear, I am not angry of you, I just feel sorry for you,but never being angry of you ,may god give you the satisfaction Dear Mom, you are my are my angle Me too my dear ,we all miss you here, me , your father ,your brothers and your sisters I am really miss to set with you all, I miss everything Dear ,we miss you more, believe me ,the cup of coffee with you Worth all the world How are you Dad I love you Dad I love you dear, son what's wrong with you today? Is everything OK Take it easy son, really what's matter with you ? I am with you Dad, I'm with you Dear ,why are you crying I miss you my father, I wan to see you We miss you more sonŲŒwe miss you I really felt happy that I heard your voice Today I didn't feel alone,the opposite of the past days when you stopped speaking with me It should be solved, it should be solved You have to top up your phone always with all your own money I will never let you dawn ..never I love you sweety, bye And I love you too, may god be with you Goodbye

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Posted by: anore on Jul 3, 2016

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