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Video Instrustions v2

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Hello, my name is Hayden Gilbert and I'm working with Jack Macriss We are making a video tutorial for The Processes and Tools for Registration Available First, you'll need to login to your USU account Once logged in click on the banner on the left hand side and we want to visit Degree Works. This is very helpful if you don't have a declared major or if you're thinking about switching majors If we do what I'm studying we'll come to Human movement science. Minor in Chemistry. A concentration in exercise science. Click on Process What If This will show what classes I have already completed, they have a green check box. Classes still needed for my degree are left unchecked Classes needed could be any class, just has to have the attribute of DHA If you click on the attribute we have a list of classes available at Utah State that have this attribute. To find more classes and more information about them We can come here Go to Academics --> University Catalog Search catalog for DHA Click on the course you wish to take Brief explanation of the course is on the top Prerequisite information, if course fees exist for the class Once you've found the classes you wish to take Come back to the myUSU page Click Add/Drop classes then Register for Classes Select the term you wish to register for. The class I want to take is HIST3850 This is one of the DHA classes I still need to graduate. For more information about this class I can click on the class name Gives us some more information here. It gives us some more information here, Attributes, Depth Humanities/ Creative Arts Instructor and meeting times for the class Prerequisites Corequisites, if there's a class I need to take concurrently. Fees, although there is no fee information. After I'm registered for classes, I can view my course schedule here. Time of the class is on the left side, days of the week are on top. Can share this with coworkers or advisors at your job so they know your schedule and you can see your schedule planned out throughout the week. Another wonderful part of banner is we can plan ahead for future semesters If I wanted to plan for the fall semester I could come in here and create a new plan Insert the courses that I still need from DegreeWorks You can see I need a chemistry elective. I can click on any of these links for information about them. I would enter it into here. To create my future planned semesters That is it for the tutorial, I hope it was helpful.

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