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Second Norman Invasion '76, Part Two

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THE LETTER KILLETH BUT THE SPIRIT GIVETH LIFE Hear Eye Am NEURO-LOGICAL PROOF OF THE EXISTENCE OF GOD sHe who meditates on the Universal Self as the measure of the span from earth to heaven sees truth in all the world, in all being, in all selves The Christian concept of the mystical body--all men as members of the body of Christ --this becomes technologically a fact under electronic conditions The instant all-at-onceness and total involvement of the telegraphic form still repels some literary sophistocates. For them, visual continuity and fixed point of view render the immediate participation of the instant media as distasteful and unwelcome as popular sports. These people are as much media victims, unwittingly mutilated by their studies and toil, as children in a Victorian blacking factory. For many people then, who have had their sensibilities irremediably skewed and locked into the fixed postures of mechanical writing and printing the iconic forms of the electric age are as invisible as hormones to the unaided eye. "Understanding Media" McLuhan THE LETTER KILLETH BUT THE SPIRIT GIVETH LIFE This book is a continuation of a voyage begun with "Life Against Death". a continuation faintly foreshadowed in the last chapter of that book, "The Resurrection of the Body." But as it is said over and over again at the end of Euripides plays the demonic is polymorphous; the gods decree many surprises; God found an opening for the unexpected; This was the way that business turned out. Deus ex Machina Thus the first peoples who were the children of the human race founded the first world upon the arts The arts are nothing but imitations of Nature and, in a certain way, real poems... made not of WORDS but of THINGS. Giovanni Battista Vico's "New Science" quoted in NO! Brown's "Closing Time" Deus ex Machina

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Duration: 8 minutes and 51 seconds
Year: 1980
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Trans-Parent Teachers' Ink.
Director: adam paulSon (the late Paul Cotton)
Views: 289
Posted by: firstwombman on Dec 6, 2009

Hermetic Astral-Naught Bride-Groom delivers the the "Word Made Flesh" to NO! Brown in his Class-room at
U.C. Santa Cruz in l976. Muraloclast Hermes is sent by the Gods to answer Brown's 1960 Prayer for a Resurrection of the Body and a "Way Out. "The God is repudiated and humiliated by Brown's ignor-ance.

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