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[MUSIC PLAYING] The College of Medicine in Rockford is a health sciences community where students and scientists in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and biomedical technology work and learn together in a diverse interprofessional community. We are extremely proud of our multiple international collaborations, including those in southern Thailand, where we helped create a medical school, and also our multiple international exchange programs, including those in Scotland, Sweden, and India. We look forward to having you join us in our vibrant community. Welcome, international students, to the University of Illinois, Rockford. Nicknamed the "Forest City," Rockford is a wonderful place with many opportunities to learn. But you will need to know a little bit in order to get on well here. There are a lot of people coming from abroad. Since it is a new place, and they're moving to a new country, the staff, OIS, all of them, have been super helpful. They made it really easy for the transition, and yeah, it feels like home now. Traveling around Rockford is easiest by car. But if you don't have one, not to worry. The Rockford Mass Transit District provides 40 fixed route buses that operate day and night. Taxi and car services are readily available as well. Rockford is a very affordable city, and many international students are able to find housing within walking distance to campus. The prices in Rockford here are not expensive. I feel it is also a safer place. We have very good neighbors, so they are so much welcoming to us. We can always go to them if we need any help. Located on a 20-acre wooded site in the heart of Rockford, the campus provides an intimate environment to focus on your studies. Facilities include an auditorium, classrooms, teaching and research laboratories, media services, the Crawford Medical Library of Health Sciences, and a brand new athletic facility. And if you're looking for nearby leisure activities, our campus is just steps away from the Rock River, Sinnissippi Park, and the Anderson Japanese Gardens. We're also just a short drive from the CherryVale Mall. Rockford Is known for its many theaters, museums, and other big city amenities in the context of a smaller town feel and cost of living. If you are looking for quick weekend getaways, nearby cities, such as Galena, Madison, and Chicago are all easily accessible. The director of our program is amazing. She makes us feel like we're some sort of a family, rather than staff and students. So this kind of feeling that I am a part of the family of UIC, rather than I just go to school here, kind of makes it home. Thank you for choosing the University of Illinois at Rockford and making this city your home. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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Posted by: ammspar10 on Jun 29, 2016


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