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Fossil Fuels

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"Fossil Fuels" by Carmel Reilly Chapter 1 "The Problem with Fossil Fuels" Oil, natural gas, and coal are all fossil fuels. Between them, they provide more than 80 percent of the energy used in the world today. However, there are two major problems with the use of fossil fuels. First, fossil fuels will not last forever. At some point they will run out. Second, when fossil fuels are burned for energy, they cause pollution, which is bad for the environment. While most people agree that we need to do something about these problems, different people have different ideas about what to do. Chapter 2 A Closer Look at Fossil Fuels Over a very long time, oil, natural gas, and coal were formed from the remains of plants and tiny animals that lived about 300 million years ago (before the time of the dinosaurs). Over millions of years, layers of earth and rocks fell or moved on top of these remains, pressing them deep into the earth where the temperatures were very hot. Over a long time, huge chemical changes happened to them. Oil, natural gas, and coal are called fossil fuels because they come from plants and animals. Today we use fossil fuels to provide all kinds of energy. Oil is made into fuels that power cars and other kinds of transportation. Coal and natural gas are mostly used as fuels to make electricity. All three are used for cooking and for warming our homes and workplaces. On top of that, oil and natural gas can also be mixed with other things to make chemicals and plastics. Chapter 3 A Finite Resource One of the biggest problems with fossil fuels is that they are a finite resource. This means they will run out. Many scientists look at clues and claim oil and natural gas will run out within the next 50 to 100 years. People who support the use of fossil fuels argue that a lot can be done to make them last longer. For example, when oil is taken from the earth, a lot is left behind. Scientists are looking for a few new ways to reach this oil. If they can do this, there will be more oil to use. Chapter 4 The Right Thing To Do? Even if there is more oil to use, should it be used up? Oil is still a finite resource, which means it will run out. This means that, sooner or later, we will need to find other kinds of energy for transportation. Chapter 5 The Environment Burning so much fossil fuel has made a lot of pollution. In turn, this pollution has caused changes to the environment, such as global warming. Because of this, many people argue that we should find new ways to power transportation and make electricity, rather than trying to extend the use of fossil fuels. People who support the use of fossil fuels say that they are the best form of energy at the moment. They say that scientists are working on ways to keep fossil fuels from making as much pollution, which will be better for the environment. They also argue that other forms of power, like nuclear power, are not safe for the environment either. Right now, solar, water, and wind power cannot provide all the energy the world needs. People who are against the use of fossil fuels say that we need to spend more money on researching energy forms that do not cause as many problems for the environment. These energy forms include solar, water, and wind power. These people also argue that we should look at ways to reduce our energy use so that we don't require as much of any kind of fuel. Chapter 6 The Big Question Most people would agree that we need to reduce or change the way we use fossil fuels as soon as we can. The big question is what is the best way to do this?

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