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David Wilcock - Return to Camelot 4/15

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I can make that puppet, I can make person do what I want because they are too afraid to go against me, they wanna be polite they have such a low self esteem that if I tell them something that I want them to do, they are not going to want to upset me. So what the universe actually does is that if you have a weakness, if you have something you don't like the universe says "oh' you don't like that, well here have some more!" "Have some more!" Untill you get to the point, that you simply accept experience and accept yourself, and when you learn to accept yourself you will not be manipulated, because you will decide that it's better to preserve your sovereignity, than to be manipulated by someone else. You will decide that your state of mind being positive and uplifting is a better state for you to be in than the stage you are going to have to go through temporarily to really piss somebody off when they are trying to manipulate you. Because they are going to take it personally they are going to get angry, they are going to throw hate at you. That's what they do. That's what these types of people do. We are not going to judging those people, accepting so far as that they are in confusion, they are living in a confusion that makes them think that the body is who they are, and they are trying to do things to confort the body at your expense. This is the mean of this going on in the entire planet. That's what all these talks that you've been hearing are about. We are talking about how much corruption and greed and rotteness has festered into the society and the structure of civilization on earth, in the goverments, in the militaries and the corporations in the school system, in the financial system throughout everything there is this corruption this molding that has occurred. Let's get out of the idea that this is a victim consciousness that we are going through. That's what I recommend, you do what you want. This is how I decided to live. I'm not going to be anybody's victim. I'm not going to be anybody's slave. I claim, and I ask you with me right now by your applause to claim your freedom and your sovereignity in this moment, let's have a hand for that. Alright. If you can claim your freedom of positivity, your freedom from fear that is the most threatening thing to the negative controllers in this world, because this is a frequency war. The one thing they dont want you to have is a positive-loving feeling in your day-to-day life. If they can keep you thinking that you are at the brink of destruction, that nuclear missiles are ready to incinerate the earth, that the economy is going to collapse, that your government is ready to herd you off into concentration camps. And they have withtopped this fever to such an extent that people are bringing armed weapons to gatherings where the president is, because now Fox News wants you to think that Obama is the same old thing. I don't care if that's what you believe or not. But anytime that Fox News is telling me something is true I'm inclined to think it's not true based on their past history. Can I get an amen on that? It's a little bit disturbing when you start watching Bill O'reilly and Glenn Beck and they are saying exactly the same thing as all your favorite conspiracy websites. Tha's not good, it's not what we want. Because fox is a corporate entity, it's a propaganda organ. It's also important to understand that many of the conspiracy sites have been seeded with propaganda. These are not independent bloggers that are actually trying to raise money and do an honest living, these are people that are funded by the pentagon and the NSA. We had intensive discussions with people about this who are insiders. So, what's happening now is that because as a planet we have not loved ourselves we have been stuck in the self-loathing, the self condemnation, and this fear of our own potential, this fear of our power, the universe has not sent us these majestic-loving-cosmic leaders who all-knowing and all-powerful, and can be trusted with the warmth and the innocence of a young child. They have sent us vicious killers who will do nothing but spare no expense to reap us, to steal every cent of our money. That's what happens in the universe, but it only happens untill you don't need the lesson. If you learn to love yourself, Do those negative people still get fixated into your life to such an extent that's all you'll ever have? No. if you are one of these people who has been through self-loathing and moved into a positive self-concept and self esteem, if you have learned the power of no, As opposed to the "power of now" and you can "no" to someone trying to manipulate you, then, all of sudden, you are not shackled to this feeling of obligation to someone who is being grotesquely unfair. You now have the wear-with-all to speak your mind, to say your peace, to get your needs met, even that means that it's going to upset someone because if someone has denied you the respect the sovereignity and the love that you deserve as a perfect child of god then you deserve to protect yourself from that person. You deserve to love yourself enough that you claim your right to exist. The universe sees that you have learned your lesson. and now the people who'd have taken your freedom and would've taken your sovereignity can no longer do so because even one flicker of light in the darkness is enough to show you the layout of the room. And we've had enough of that now, that there is a massive awakening going on. Project Camelot -and I was a part of this- happened to get involved in the center of this swine flu vaccination-conspiracy, because we had a situation on fold on stage in Zurich between myself an another witness who was arguing in favor of vaccinations and he is actually a former operative for Majestic, which is the UFO working group arm of the neoconservative republican New World Order faction of the world elite. So he is telling you you should get the vaccine. And granted, there is a great deal of science to suggest that vaccines do confere inmunity, we are not disagreeing with that. But we are also cosidering the testimony of people like Jane Burgemeister, the well-known mainstream journalist who happened to go alternative when she started to find out that Baxter pharmaceuticals, as you all know, had released a vaccine, and thank God, these people in Norway injected it into some rats before they gave it to people and the rats all got bird flu and died. "Oops!" "How did that happen?" (...) "I don't know how did that happen. Did we do that? No, of course not." So look, you also have people in the government who are not high enough to know the swine flu thing might have been manufactured and we have a very legitimate concern about the swine flu, it's been kept secret but they do believe that this could mutate like it did in 1918: if you get sick the first time it's not that bad but if you get sick the second time and everybody is dying, millions of people are dying, that's the theory. Let's bear in mind that in 1918 the world was no near as civilized as it is now, sanitation was much less, in order for you to have any of these flus, -regardless of what they are- get your health down in a negative way, your inmune system has to be depleted. What's the biggest thing in this new science that I'm gonna teach you about that depletes your inmune system? NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: So, if they can keep you in fear, which means that you hate the government you hate the president, you hate what's happening to your kids in school, you hate the economy, you hate the federal reserve. If you are angry and you are fearful all the time, and then they stick out a little virus, guess what happens to you, you get the virus. A virus is a frequency-based entity. As you see in my 2012 enygma video, polio, rubella, all these various viruses have geometric structure. Which is wave-particle structure, geometry can flip...

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David Wilcock en la conferencia "Awake and Aware"

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