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HAPHEAD - EPISODE 7 'Scoot or Die'

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Hey, sorry. Did I wake you? -Nah. Thought everybody had left. These... they look familiar. Yeah, I watched your fight last night. Overgrowth? Yeah! That's why. Couple them are right out of the game. Oh, yeah! Right! I knew I knew these from somewhere. No, thank you! You know, if you'd like I can make you your own. Nah, weapons are a dog thing. I'm a rabbit all the way! Well here, take this then. It's a rabbit pendant. Thank you! -No problem. Good luck! -Thanks! Killing skills kind of creep me out. Hey, there you guys are. I thought you'd left without me. Come on! Let's go get breakfast. See ya. Last week? What happened? A heart attack or heart failure of some sort... I don't know. It doesn't matter. He was here and now he's gone. OK! I have two tofu scrams... and who had the Hard Boiled Fake? Enjoy! The insurance lady told me that hapheads had something to do with my dad's death. That's why I was at the party. I followed these two hapheads there. Oh. We figured Wells told you about it. No... I did see him palling around with some skaters, though. Yeah, he's Mr. Scoot or Die now. He's got a new cable and a whole new style. What is that? So how were hapheads involved? See I don't know exactly, but the whole thing just seems fishy like... ...they said that Dad keeled over while he was chasing them but... He wasn't a chaser. He didn't take his job seriously enough to run, so... Did you ask people who were there about that? Like his coworkers? Well, we should ask. Hi there! Unfortunately your party is of mixed income and thus are not permitted at this time. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Shit, it's one of these malls! We're sorry you're having trouble finding your way off the property. One of our security concierges is approaching to assist you. Hello customer. Sorry for the malfunctioning door. Has it got a melanin detector, your door? Hey, were you at my dad's funeral? You're Simon's girl. That was terrible, what happened. Yeah and I don't think he was running to catch a haphead. Kid just rolled up to min and said something. Your dad, he just collapsed. Did he touch him? I don't think so, but I couldn't see much from that angle either. I could show you, if you really wanna see. But anyway it was weird. We knew it would be more acceptable for the family if it seemed more explicable. Less controversy for the mall too. I know that guy. We have more than we need to prove probable preexisting, Kath. Let's wrap it, huh? No, I wanna see the rest to this play out. Can I freeze her assets, at least? What if she decides to go on a shopping spree. Not this girl. A killing spree, maybe. What I'm saying is, I've heard there's some hapheads who've learned ninja death touch. You kidding? He's not into darksider stuff. We haven't seen him for a while on the floor, since Geiss transferred him. There he is. Oh, hey, what's up? My dad's dead, that's what's up, Wells. What? You heard me! The security... security guard? He was, he was your? Oh, shit I didn't know. What did you say to him?! -I can't, I can't tell. But, but... The last time I said those words a guy died. I can't say them, but I wrote them down. The incursions were... Don't say it! I knew it was bad business. Some, some Hamilton gangster shit Geiss was pulling. I didn't know it'd kill... Geiss, from the factory? Yeah, I owed him for the haptic cable. I tried to give it back but he wouldn't let me. They say he never leaves. I guess we'll find out

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HAPHEAD - EPISODE 7 'Scoot or Die'

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