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3 Tips For Hassle-Free Road Trips

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[Samantha Brown] Ah, the road trip—that great American tradition. But is there a way to make it hassle-free? [Going on a Road Trip!] ♪ music ♪ [AARP Travel Ambassador Samantha Brown] Hi, I'm Samantha Brown, and I'm here with 3 things to know before you go on a road trip. Road trips are a distinctly American tradition, from the first road trip in 1903, Americans have been stocking up on maps, snacks, and spare tires and setting out for an adventure. So first of all, go at off-peak times. [Travel Off Peak] You can often avoid packed roads, not to mention higher gas prices, by leaving for your trip before the start of the holiday weekends— on a Wednesday or Thursday instead of that Friday. [Wednesday, Thursday, Friday] You can also fill up the car with gas a few days in advance. Check to estimate how much it will cost you to make your journey. Number 2, travel safely. [Travel Safely] Always travel with maps or a GPS system, and make sure your car is in good working order before hitting the road. You may also want to have a roadside assistance program. Check to see if your car insurance comes with a roadside assistance package, and if it doesn't, check out AARP Roadside Assistance from Allstate or AAA to see if one of their programs meets your needs. Oh, and don't forget to pack a car emergency kit. Stock it with a flashlight, small first aid kit, and roadside flares. You know, most big box stores sell pre-made kits. Traveling with dietary restrictions? Several apps like Find Me Gluten Free, Happy Cow, and Kosher Near Me can help you find restaurants in new cities. But don't forget to stock up on your favorite snacks before heading out— I mean, that's part of the fun, right? I always pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Number 3—and what about Fido? [Find Pet-Friendly Hotels] I bet he'd like to take a trip, too— well, check for pet-friendly hotels If you're traveling with your pet, check out AAA— they have a book of 14,000 hotels and motels that welcome pets. Best Western, for example, has over 1,600 locations that allow you to bring your dog, and has even hired Cesar Milan as a consultant. Still, always call ahead to make sure the hotel you're considering still allows pets and has a pet-friendly room available. There are also several apps, like—wait for it—PaWuv. They're available to help you find a pet-friendly hotel. PaWuv. [barking sounds] For more of my travel tips, visit [] [AARP Travel Ambassador Samantha Brown]

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Americans have been setting out for adventures on the road since 1903. Now it's your turn. Samantha Brown wants you to stock up on gas, maps, and snacks and check out three things you need to know before you take your next road trip.

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