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Mid-March Brochure FRENCH

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- Hey, y'all, it's me, Cheryl, and are you ready to see your mid-March brochure? You know what, y'all? It's all about sustainable living. And who does that better than Tupperware, with our FridgeSmarts®? You know what, guys, our new logo this year, it's HOME. And HOME stands for Health, Organization, Money, and the Environment. And you know what, y'all? FridgeSmart® speaks to all of that. First of all, it talks about healthy eating. You get to do that when you're purchasing your fruits and vegetables. The O is for Organization. Your refrigerator can be just as organized with using our FridgeSmarts® as your pantry is with your Modular Mates® and your freezer is with our Freezer Mate Plus®. We also have, guys, M. Who doesn't want to save money? I want to save money, you want to save money, and the FridgeSmarts® allow you to do that. Did y'all know that your strawberries are going to last two to three times longer when you put them in the FridgeSmart® containers, than they will if you just leave them in the wrapping that you bring them home from the store in. And, the last one is E. And E is all about the environment. You know what, y'all, we need to make sure that we're taking care of our Mother Earth, so that it's here for our kids, our grandkids, and our great-great-grandkids. And what's going to make that happen is when you're throwing away less waste, guys, and the FridgeSmart® containers do that too. So are y'all ready to find out why everyone of your customers is going to have to have all of these FridgeSmarts® in their refrigerators? So here goes, y'all. Okay, guys, so let's first talk about your productivity driver, and it is your 4-piece set. Okay, now, guys, now we sell this in the catalogue just like this. So your customers are going to be able to purchase this one set for the catalogue price both in the US and Canada, and then they can add an additional set for only $10 in the US. So you know what, y'all, that's 8 pieces of FridgeSmarts® for only $99 in the US. How awesome is that, y'all? And here's why they're going to want all 8 pieces. Okay, y'all, so why do your customers need FridgeSmarts®? Well, first of all, y'all, you want to share with all of your customers that your fruits and vegetables, they breathe differently, just like people do. You have your low breathers, your medium breathers, and your high breathers, and depending on how your fruits and vegetables breathe, depends on what you want to put them in and how you want to vent the system. Because what Tupperware did, they actually partnered with a professor at the University of Florida, and they actually came up with this venting system. So a high breather needs to breathe more, right, so if you have a high breather, you're going to take the venting system and you're going to go all the way over to the left. Okay, you hear that little click? And when you do that, y'all, that means anything that you put in this container is a high breather. A high breather would be maybe, like your snow peas, your broccoli is a high breather, okay, guys, so you want to make sure that the vent is wide open. If you have a medium breather, then you're going to take this and it's going to go all the way over to the opposite side and now you've got your medium breathers. What are your medium breathers, guys? It's like your cauliflower is a medium breather, guys. Your lettuce and things like that are medium breathers, and some of your citrus is also a medium breather. And then you have what is considered a no breather. Basically, no oxygen, right, guys? They inhale or exhale very little. So, what are all of your low breathers? All of your berries. Your strawberries, your raspberries, your blueberries your blackberries. Those are all low breathers. If you're putting your little small round tomatoes, in the refrigerator, guys, that would be considered a low breather. And then you also have items that you never put in the refrigerator, and we tell you those items right here. For example, eggplant doesn't go in the refrigerator. Your tomatoes don't go in the refrigerator until after you've already cut them. So if you're going to be using the grape tomatoes, right guys, you can put them in here, just make sure the vent is all the way closed but typically, tomatoes don't go in the refrigerator. So, this one right here, guys you're going to get two of the Small Deep. Now, what about the medium? This is our medium and once again, the venting system works the exact same way, you have this little grab on the front of each one of the containers,, and it basically kind of gives all of your customers a general idea of what is a high breather, medium breather, and a low breather. Looking right here, at the different produce pieces, right, guys? And this right here is built in between the walls of the container so you never have to worry about this scratching off, or wearing off. It's not going anywhere, y'all. So your celery is great for this one, guys. Your scallions, onions, is really great for this one. Or your scallions could also fit, y'all, in the Vertical, which we also have this on sale. And this one is buy one, get the second one at half price, y'all. So, either one of those will work great for your celery or for your scallion onions. I also, guys, I use this a lot for my strawberries, and here's why. When you're buying your strawberries, and you're buying the bigger containers, especially if you're going to go pick them yourself, or you're going to a farmer's market or maybe you buy them in the bigger quantities at your big box stores. I like to lay them out so this one right here is the perfect size for the larger size of your strawberries, guys, so this is what I use. So... and then this one right here, oh my stars and garters. This is a gotta have for everybody, y'all, because if you're doing, like, your spinach leaves, it's perfect in here. If you're doing lettuce, it's perfect inside here. If you're doing your romaine lettuce, guys, so if you're buying it from either the grocery store, the fresh market or the farmer's market, you'll want to put it right inside here, guys. Now, if you're buying the romaine hearts, you can actually put your romaine hearts, they fit nice in the Vertical, too, so you have options with your romaine hearts, but I tell you what, this right here is my favorite, for any of your green, leafy vegetables, this fits perfect in here. If you go to the store and you buy lots of broccoli, it's going to fit perfect right inside here, too, guys, and if you're a family of two or three, your corn will fit inside here, amazing, guys, okay. So... now, I will tell you, the great thing about the Modular Mates® too, is the way they're designed with the venting system and with the little decal in both the front and the back of the container when you've got your... the bigger ones, guys. Plus, we also have on the bottom, inside each one of the containers, you'll notice that we have these little grooves. They're like channels, and when... the reason we have that, is all of your fruits and vegetables, a. they need to breathe, but they also have their own condensation in them. So when they're sitting in a plastic bag, in the refrigerator, it's sitting in it's own condensation. So when you put it in the FridgeSmarts®, and when it drips the condensation, guys, it will literally go inside these channels, so it keeps your fresh fruits and vegetables up out of their own condensation. so, therefore, they don't go bad as fast, guys. Matter of fact, you're not going to... this is never going to go bad, your fruits and vegetables in the FridgeSmarts®, because of the way that they're designed. Another reason why everybody has to have our FridgeSmarts®, guys, is every time you open up that crisper drawer, it's not really a crisper drawer, I'm just saying. But every time you open that up, and you've got strawberries in there, you've got apples in there, and you've got some onions in there, and you've got some produce, like, your spinach leaves, and things like that in there, and you open that drawer, and those harder vegetables, and/or fruits are hitting up against the softer ones and literally, guys, they start to bruise. And once a fruit or vegetable starts to bruise, it will go bad from the inside out. So from the inside out. So a lot of times, guys, by the time you cut an apple, it's going to be bruised from the inside out all the way to the core, guys. So that whole half of that apple is bad. You don't have that problem, guys, when you're using your FridgeSmart®, because this container, look, guys, if you're brand new, you've got a piece of FridgeSmart® in your kit. So just think, guys, I've got celery inside here, or maybe I have strawberries in here. I have my spinach inside here, guys, okay. And then maybe I have a broccoli, just the florets, I have that inside here. And then maybe inside here, guys, I have my button mushrooms inside here, and then I have another one with my romaine hearts inside here, okay, on the door of my refrigerator. So all of that is stacked up, and you know what, guys? Then you know what, I also have some baby carrots, I have carrots, and I put them inside here. So, look. See how that is all nice and modularized? So I can see through everything. Now if I had all of this in a crisper drawer, a. I have high breather, medium breather, and low breathers all mixed together in that crisper drawer so guess what's going to win. Your high breathers, because your high breathers are going to cause your medium and low breathers produce to go bad, guys. So now, they're breathing the way they need to breathe, plus, when I open up that crisper drawer, and I have the fruits and vegetables rolling around and hitting each other, I'm going to bruise and damage my softer fruits and vegetables. You never have that challenge, guys, when you're using your FridgeSmarts®, because, look, y'all, let me just show you... strawberries inside here, and let's just say I have baby carrots in here and I take these out. If they were in the crisper drawer and they're doing this [hits containers against each other] guess what's going to lose. My strawberries! But that never happens, because they're stacked on top of each other, and you are literally utilizing all of this space from the bottom of your shelf in your refrigerator, all the way up to the next shelf. If y'all open up your refrigerator right now, how much wasted space do you have in your refrigerator, guys? It's just airspace, but you can't stack stuff that high. Those days are over with, when you're using your FridgeSmarts®. Plus, another great thing about the FridgeSmarts®, y'all, is that crisper drawer is no longer a crisper drawer, you can use that for your condiments and stuff. So it gives you more room on the door of the refrigerator for the things like your vertical FridgeSmart® and it gives you more room in the refrigerator so you don't have ketchup jars, mayonnaise jars, mustard jars, jelly jars and all that other stuff everywhere. You can just put it all inside that crisper drawer, guys. So, they're amazing. So, this is your FridgeSmart®, guys, so you've got your buy one set, get the second set for an additional $10 in the US. We also have your Vertical, guys, and remember, this is buy one, get the next one at half off. We also have, guys, the exclusive... and this is the big mama, okay! So, this is the biggest FridgeSmart® you're going to be able to purchase, guys, and it's exclusive. We have it in this brochure, and it is our P with P. So you know what, guys, why would you need this? You know what, guys, during apple season, did you know that your apples will last two to three weeks longer when you keep them in FridgeSmarts®? This is also the perfect size for your husked corn. Now corn season's coming up, so you want to put all that corn inside here, guys, and then you're going to be able to keep it right in there. If you do a lot of citrus, you can put all of your citrus in here, too, guys. So lots of reasons why you want to use one of these and have this inside your refrigerator, and you want to tell all of your customers that if the fruit or vegetable breathes the same, you can store them together in the same container, guys. So you can put all of your green, leafy lettuces, and maybe you want to put your endive inside here. Maybe you put your kale inside here, because they all breathe the same way, you can do that, guys, and have them all in one place right here. If you have lots of different kinds of fruits, guys, that breathe the same way, you can put it all inside here. So exclusive size, guys. It is the only... it is your P with P, so your customers have the opportunity.... If you look, and I'm going to build this, Everything that you see on this page, y'all, I'm going to rebuild this set. This is what it's going to look like. Okay... because, all of this, your customers can take advantage of, because it is on sale right? Either buy one get one at half price, P with P. Buy one, get the second one for $10, and when your customers attend a Tupperware party, they have the opportunity to add another Small Deep as their attendance offer, y'all. So your customers now have, this is eight, nine, ten, 11, 12 pieces of FridgeSmart®, every size, for every need every one of your customers may have. Okay, so before we go to the next page in your FridgeSmart®, I know y'all are super excited about having these on sale. One more thing that you want to make sure you're telling all of your customers is you want to make sure you're putting all of your fruits and vegetables away naked and dirty, guys. Naked, and dirty. So you want to put them away naked, and then wash them before you're going to use them. The exception on that is if you're going to be using something right away. So like, for instance, grape. I take my grapes, I wash them, I spin them dry. And then I will put my grapes, depending on what size they are and how much I've bought, either in the Small Deep, guys, or if I buy the big finger grapes, I'll put them in the Large Deep, guys. And, but, I will wash them, spin them dry, put them in my Modular Mate so I can go ahead and take them out and eat them right away. Another really great idea, and this is all Corinne Brown. Corinne Brown actually talks about her FridgeSmarts® being vending machines for her kids. So you can put healthy snacks together, even using something like this, guys, and you're on the go. As long as they're breathing the same way, and it's going to be the on the go, then go ahead and wash it, spin it dry, put it in here, put it in the car, and voila. You have healthy snacks on the go. But a rule of thumb is always put your produce away naked and dirty. So take it out of the wrapping, and put it in your FridgeSmarts®. So, are you excited?! Okay, y'all, are you ready for more? Because we have more, and I have to tell y'all, I'm pretty excited about this one. This is your Mando Junior! That's right, you have your Mandoline. And that is for your bigger jobs, guys. Then you have your Speedy Mando. That's for those little, bitty jobs. So this one right here is the Mando Junior and it's the one, honestly, guys, I use probably 90% of the time in my kitchen, it's just the right size. And the great thing about the Mando Junior, y'all, is it will fit over a regular size of our Tupperware bowl. Right now, I've got it, actually, over the 1¾ quart casserole dish that comes part of our stat cooker. Now the cool thing about this is only two pieces. It's the hand-guard, and the actual Mandoline part itself. On the backside, guys, this right here is what regulates your blade. So when it's all the way down, okay, all the way down, did you see that? It's pushed all the way down. Your blades, okay, your blades are not being revealed. And then when you get your cuts, you have three different sizes. So when you pull this one time, okay, do you hear the click? That's going to give you a thin cut. Pull it back one more time, it's going to give you a medium cut. And then pull it back one more time, and that's going to give you your thicker cut, guys, okay. Now, when you pull this back, your blade is exposed, so make sure, at your Tupperware parties, you're using caution. So right now, guys, I'm just going to lay this right on top of the 1¾ quart casserole. I've already taken some zucchini, I mean, yellow squash, just for the sake of time. And what I've done is, I've cut off the ends. And I'm just going to take and pull up my hand guard. So pull the top hat, this is what I call it at my parties. This is a top hat, y'all, okay. It looks just like a top hat, doesn't it? So we're going to pull up the top part of the hat, and I'm just going to lock it in. Put my blades on, okay. Then I'm going to take this. I've got this on the thickest cut, I really don't want the thickest cut. So I'm going to just push it back one time, okay, you'll hear it click. Push it down, here. Take this, and watch, guys. How easy is that? Okay, so you just go ahead and just go, go, go, go, go. And once the top hat goes all the way down, and you see it's now touching, alright, you're done. You're done, okay? So you're done. So, now there is one little piece left on this blade, guys. Do not use your finger! So you either want to take a butter knife, guys, or maybe you want to take... you have your utility knife from Tupperware. I actually have one. And then your'e just going to push that away, guys, okay. So don't use your finger, and as soon as I get done with this, I push it all the way back down, so now my blade is no longer exposed. But look, guys, look how awesome that is, okay. So now you've got the perfect size, and they're all the same size, and they're the same cut. So now they're going to cook more evenly, and they're going to cook faster, guys. And I literally... if I wanted to do a vegetable inside here, I'm actually taking it and I'm slicing it right into the container. How awesome is that, y'all? So, love, love love my Mandoline Junior, y'all. Your customers are going to love it, too. It's a limited time. Do you know what else, guys, we have? With our Stack Cooker, when your customers buy the complete Stack Cooker set, they will be able to receive the cookbook for free. So this is a gift with purchase. In your mid-March brochure, and also have the exclusive 1 quart casserole with your mid-March brochure. And we also have the exclusive 1 quart Tupperware that compliments your Stack Cooker, and it's on sale in this brochure. So now your customers can get the entire Stack Cooker system. Get their cookbook for free, and purchase the 1 quart, and in that 1 quart, guys, we have this amazing strawberry lemonade cake that you're going to be able to make at your Tupperware parties and you make it right in the 1 quart casserole. In the microwave, in less than seven minutes, and boom, baby! You've got a wonderful dessert at your Tupperware parties. And the dessert, guys, can be found... the recipe for the strawberry lemonade cake can be found in your mid-March campaign guide online. Okay, y'all, I know it is mid-March, but Mothers' Day is around the corner, so we want to be thinking about moms, and you know what? Tupperware has the best Mothers' Day gift ever! And that is our lunch sets. And your customers can take advantage of either our treasure of the sea, this complete lunch set, right, guys. Or, they can take advantage of our new lunch bag, okay. Falling for floral, and your customers can now purchase this set, and they're going to get the lunch bag, they're going to get the water bottle, they're going to get the two snack cups, the Crystal Wave soup mug, and the Sandwich Keeper, guys. All for a very special price. And we also have a callback to the catalogue, guys. And I know y'all love them, I do too, and it's our insulated thermo flask. And you know what, y'all, this is going to keep stuff hot, hot hot. Or it's going to keep things cold, cold, cold. So how great would it be to add this to either this set, or this one? And this one to this set, or this one, right? And make that complete, ultimate mom's day gift. So make sure that you're offering all of your customers Tupperware as the best Mothers' Day gift ever. Okay, y'all, so now are you ready for your tear-off? It starts on March 16th, and it runs through March 29th. 11:59pm your local time, and we've got some amazing offers on your tear-off, y'all, starting with Quick Shake®, it's on sale, you know what, this is a staple in everybody's home. Whether they're going to mix up that gravy mix, guys, they want to do their puddings they want to do their Jell-Os, a protein shake, a smoothie, this is a got-to-have, and, or, if you want to do a scrambled egg. So, if you're going to use the peeler, guys, you just simply take your peeler, take your apple, your potato, your carrot, whatever you're going to peel, you just start at the very top, and watch, it's going to come all the way down. Voila! How easy was that? Just simply peel this, but I'm going to tell y'all, that a lot of times any nutrition will tell you that the skin of a potato, a sweet potato, the skin of an apple, there's a lot of nutrients in here, so honestly, guys, it's better to leave the skin on in an apple and eat the skin. So, I'm not going to eat this right now, but I normally don't peel my apples. Now, another great thing that we have and I love this, y'all, it's the Apple Corer! So, this is so easy, because all you're going to do is take the Apple Corer and take the bottom part of the apple and you just simply put it inside here, and then you just twist, guys. Okay, you just simply twist, and you can see all of the juice coming out and you just twist, push down, twist, and you'll see that this is going to pop through the very top, and when it does, voila, my apple is completely cored. Hey, y'all! And one of my favorite pieces of Tupperware, and I have to tell you, FridgeSmart® and a Salad Spinner go together like peanut butter and jelly at my house, y'all. You can't have one without the other. And when your customers purchase the Salad Spinner, which they're going to get the Salad Spinner with the seal. They're also going to get for free the Salad On The Go seal, guys. So now they actually take a salad on the go, using this container. So here's what makes this so great, and here's a great way to demonstrate this at your Tupperware parties, okay, now remember, before, guys, I said put your fruits and vegetables away naked and dirty, but if you're going to wash them, you need to spin them dry because that gets all of the excess moisture out of any of your vegetables or your fruits, guys. And the only thing, just a little tip, that you wash and spin dry and then use right away the only fruit, it's a strawberry. Okay, and the next time we get together, I'll tell you why. Okay, so if you're going to wash a strawberry, you have to eat it right after you wash them. So, now, we're going to go back to the salad spinner. Inside here, guys, at a Tupperware party, if you just take a paper towel, and... can you see? Can you see the water, this is wet, y'all, this is a wet paper towel. I'm going to put it inside the little spinner. You're going to take your Salad Spinner, guys, and let your guests do this at a Tupperware party, it's a great way for them to have some hands on, and you're just going to start to spin, and I don't know, can you see on the bottom, here, on the camera, can you see the water coming out, guys, okay? Now, when you're doing this at a Tupperware party, and you're talking about cleaning out your lettuce leaf, guys, your endive, your romaine lettuce, your cabbage, whatever you're spinning dry, your blueberries, your grapes, any of that kind of stuff, guys, how easy is that? It's so amazingly easy. I pull this up, guys, and then I take this and I go, guys, when yo don't spin any of your fruits and vegetables, that's all the excess water that they're sitting in and even if you're putting them in a FridgeSmart® container, you want to make sure you get the excess water out. And just to show you, look at the difference. Before, guys, if I were to open that up, the water was dripping, and now, look how nice and dry this paper towel is. Okay, y'all, and you know what, we still have Easter coming up. And we have some great items that you can offer to your customers for those Easter baskets. Starting with our Midi Prep and Play! I know, this entire set, y'all, your customers can purchase at a really amazing value and they're going to get the extra That's a Bowl mini, they're going to get the little measuring cup, the spatula, the little cookie-cutter, and the little mini rolling pin, and of course, after you've made all of those cookies, you want to serve them, or you've made a little cake so you have your little cake taker. Make sure you tell your customers this is also great during the holidays, for a cheese ball taker, okay. Little mini pitcher, your little glasses, your cake cutter, and your little mini plates. Everything that your kids need for the make it, bake it, and play with it, guys. And we also have, it's back, it's of the vault, it's one of our classic Tupperware toys, it is Noah's Arc, guys. Just in time for Easter, and you know what, guys, this is such a great toy, they can take it to the beach, take it to the pool, take it to the bathtub, you can take the little animals apart, you can use them as cookie-cutters, guys, you can also use them for your Play-Doh you can also use these, guys, to make shapes and make your own little birthday cards, guys, it's a great way to teach the kids colors, it's also a great way to teach them how to count, and all of this opens up and stores inside the Arc. So you can put all the animals and Noah, and Mrs. Noah inside the Arc, guys, for easy storage. And then we also, remember, we're celebrating Mickey's 90th birthday, so we have Mickey ears through the years and it is on sale, y'all. So they're going to get their 16oz tumbler with the flip-top seal. They're going to get your snack cup, and of course, this adorable Sandwich-Keeper. What child or adult, doesn't love Mickey?! So this is a got-to-have, on sale, on our tear-off, guys. So we have everything that your customers are going to need in this brochure, for Mothers' Day, to prep, to store, to come home, with Tupperware, are you excited? Okay, y'all, and remember, your amazing hostess special, it continues in your mid-March brochure, and also your date gift. The little wonder, it continues. So remember, guys, in this brochure our five piece Heat N' Serve set, that your hostess's can take advantage of for 500 in sales, and two datings in the US. 602 in Canada. But when your host takes that party to 1,002 in the US 1,102 in Canada, they can get this entire page absolutely free. So they're getting their five piece Heat N' Serve set, and they're getting the Ultimate Stack Cooker Collection. How awesome is that? They can cook it, they can save it, and they can reheat it all in Tupperware. And you know what, y'all, we're also featuring Jennalyn McCauley in our mid-March Brochure, and Jennalyn talks about how, when her son was six months old, how she made a life-changing decision, and she said yes to the Tupperware opportunity so that she could be home with her son, for those moments that matter. And you know what, y'all, that decision could be all of your customers and all of your hostesses, too, So make sure you're sharing the Tupperware opportunity everywhere you go, so until I see you next time, remember, think big, start small, but party now, y'all! See you next time! [waves goodbye]

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Mid-March Brochure FRENCH

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