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Daniel Lamarre - What is creativity

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Then what is creativity? I would like to suggest to you a definition. I like that definition. It comes from Richard Gill and Pablo Spiller from the California Management Review. It says, "Creativity. It's the ability to make or otherwise bring to existence something new." Whether a new solution to a problem, a new method, a new product, a new content. In our case, a new show. I like to say to people, and that's a strong belief I have, there is no business without creativity. There is no commerce without creativity. That's what we do live at Cirque. We spend most of our time nurturing creativity true to our home environment. Again, it's important in your sector that when people walk in your building, it doesn't matter if it's a big building, a small office, that people breathe and smell the nature of who you are. In our situation, when people walk in the building fo Cirque Du Soleil, they see a lot of collection art. Why is that? Because our product is artistic content. We like our employees to go to the workshop, to the costume workshop. Our studios are open. We like to say to our employees, if for whatever reason, something is boring, a meeting, or if you're bored of having worked two hours in a row on something, go in the studio. It's going to remind you what's your purpose in life. Your purpose in life, whatever you do. Again, you can be in finance, you can be in HR, you can be anywhere in the company. Your purpose is to deliver the best show in the world and to deliver joy to people.

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Daniel Lamarre - What is creativity

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