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hitman entry of fighters

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Ahhh would you f*ckin believe that now its Dan the hitman comin out. He’s f%cking comin out and he’ll be firing I tell ya! He’s lookin wild, he’s f*ckin looking like a wild boy Ah look at him, look at him Jaaazaz f&ckin Christ He’s like a mountain, his like a f$ckin mountain No wonder they call him F*ckin Dan Jeaaazaz I don’t want to f*ckin fight him, he’s a f*ckin Monster, he’s a f$ckin monster people Anyway now I hope his f*ckin little sidekick here is gonna have a bit of size to him, cause he [email protected] want to, he f#ckin want to. I don’t f*ckin want to fight Dan, but if I did, I want a bottle or a Keg, or somethin like that Maybe even a knife or a f#ckin gun Cause he’s a good size lad now, he’s a good size lad Alright now, I tell you what we are after, we are after a clean fight Its all I want, I don’t want no guns, I don’t want no fuckin knives, I don’t want no f&ckin anything I want a clean f*ckin fight now And we all want that 38! 38! Now He’s still fit, he’s f*ckin fit for 38. Look at him He’s f*ckin fit boy 38 I’ll tell ya, GET UP THERE BOY! Well I’ll tell ya what now I’ll give ya a f*ckin bit of insight into me now I’m 40, f#ckin 40 and I tell ya what if I looked like that at 38 I f#cking take it No I’m not so bad just so you know that, I’m not so bad Ahhhh Jeaaaaazaz look at your woman in the blue Look at your woman in the blue You know what I'm a clean man, I’m clean man But I’d F8ck that, I’d ride that I would f#ck that in the face

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Posted by: darthschracker on May 6, 2016

hitman entry of fighters

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