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Candidate Free Air Time 2008: Gail Donofrio

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As a Family Court judge, I preside over cases involving issues such as child sexual and physical abuse, domestic violence, drug and alcohol addiction, mental health conditions, custody disputes, and juvenile delinquency. I do my best to treat everyone who appears before me with dignity, civility, and respect. For, after all, Family Court is truly a human court where we deal with people's lives. Even though I cannot cure all of the problems, each and every day I leave work with the gratification of knowing that I have made a positive difference in the lives of children and families in our community. I am also involved in numerous activities including Rotary, Italian American associations, and various Bar Association activities. My husband Roger DeGama and I have three children who keep us busy with their various pursuits as well, including sending our middle child off to college this fall, lacrosse team practice and games with our youngest, and planning a wedding for our eldest daughter. I would especially like to thank them for their support and love. My husband and our children Teressa, Gabrielle and Roger, are my most precious treasures. I am humbled by their respect for me and I'm privileged to have them in my life. I would also like to thank WXXI for this opportunity to speak. Finally, over the past ten years, I have been honored to serve as a Family Court judge and I look forward to continuing to work to improve the lives of children and families in our community. Thank You.

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Posted by: wxxi on Oct 27, 2008

Candidate Free Air Time is WXXI Public Broadcasting Council program. Gail Donofrio is the Republican running for Monroe County Family Court Judge.

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