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Burns Hyundai - Panoramic Sunroof

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Hi, everyone. My name is Taylor McGlone. I am a certified technology expert here at Burns Hyundai, and there is a feature I wanted to tell you about today which is only available on the Santa Fe Sport, the Santa Fe, and the Tucson. It's called the panoramic sunroof. So, if you look above us, we have the roof that goes across the entire top of the car. Now, you can open the roof, and you can open the shade itself. Now, if you look up here, there is a button that says “Open” and “Close”. Now, that's going to be for the shade. What I am going to do is I am going to press “Open”, and the entire top part, which is the cover that covers the roof, is going to open up. You can also stop that at any point. So, if you want it to be closed halfway, like so, press that button twice and now it's closed. But we are going to open it to back up all the way. And we are going to give that a second. Now, to open the actual roof… It only does open about halfway, but you do have the entire view of the roof over the car. Now, this button over here is going to open the sunroof. So, I am going to push this back… And you don't have to hold it down. …and that's going to open right up, and it's going to give you a view of the lovely grey sky that we have going on right now. If you want my best advice, don't open the roof when it's raining. Now, if you want to close the roof, you press forward, and like I said, you can also stop that at any point, like I just did, but we are going to close it completely. And, the last function that you can do with the panoramic sunroof is by tilting the top back up, and that's by pushing up on this button, and then you have a little bit of air flow without opening the actual roof itself. Pull it back down to close it. So, I just wanted to go a little bit into detail about the panoramic sunroof that you can get on one of these awesome vehicles. If you want to come check it out for yourself, come see us anytime here at Burns Hyundai. Just remember that Burns treats you best.

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