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Smart Multi-Cooker Demo

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Love what you do! Tupperware. Hi, everyone. How are you today? -I'm here with Dawn. -Hi, everybody. Our culinary expert. And we want to share with you this fantastic new product that we've developed just for you. It's called the Smart Multi-Cooker. And it's awesome, you guys. It is four, literally four products in one. It is a... It is a pasta maker, a rice maker, a smart steamer... And you can multi-cook in this product. We're going to show you a little bit about how that works in just a minute. So it is a rice maker, guys. So you have the inserts, just like you have for your rice maker, and you use these in the jumbo size base of the Smart Multi-Cooker. This actually has a larger capacity than your current rice maker. Same thing, same function, works the same, you just get more. -And more is... -Better. More is always better, right. You make your pasta, take the insert out, the top off, just like you would, your pasta maker. -Now, correct. -Correct. But the cool thing about this, guys, is... You can then use your colander from your Smart Multi-Cooker as your strainer. Shut up! Right. Isn't that awesome? -I love that. -It is awesome. Everything in one place, super compact. And now lets get to the multi-cooking. -Right, Dawn? -That's right. Well, let's talk about this steaming function first, because it is the same exact as the Smart Steamer. So we've got the lid, we've got your shallow colander. -We have your shielded colander. -Shielded base, correct. -And this is where it gets different. -Exactly. So instead of a water reservoir, which is what you have now, right, for water only. Yes, yes. Alright, now you have a jumbo size base that enables you to cook in the base while you steam. Right, exactly. And that is what makes it a multi-cooker, and that's what makes it smart. That's exactly right. So you can use this Smart Multi-Cooker, just as you would your Smart Steamer. but the exciting part with the change and the bottom base is that now you can actually cook an entire dinner in this product, -4-in-1... -Awesome. at the same time. So you would put your potato or your vegetable or some pasta in the bottom with water, and then you would add your shielded colander. Awesome. And then I'd put... -Yeah, whatever. Chicken, shrimp... -Veg, whatever that might be. Vegetable., and then you add your shallow colander. Fish, maybe. Whatever that might be that I want. Of course, I will put my top on, right. Otherwise, I'm not going to shield from the microwaves. So everything you love about your Smart Steamer, your rice maker, your pasta maker, plus the multi-cooking function, all in one product. So it's 4-in-1, you guys. We're super excited about this. And I know Dawn is gonna have a ton of recipes to share with you, alright, and we'll get those out to you shortly. So, again, very excited, Smart Multi-Cooker, Loved sharing that with you guys, And there will be more to come on this as we move forward. -Thank you, see you later. -Bye. Love what you do! Tupperware.

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Smart Multi-Cooker Demo

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