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Goon (2012)

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Yes! There he is! (Doug) I don't have a thing to show, and my dad, my brother, they have their doctor thing. Everybody's got something but me. I'm sorry. Let's just go watch the Assassins. I'll fill you full of corn dogs. [crowd roar] (high voice) That guys nuts. Oh, he's going up in the stands! (annoucer) Said just let me at him. Atta boy Dougie! (crowd) Doug! Doug! Doug! Doug! Doug! (man on phone) Doug, you impressed the hell out of me last night. Come down to the ring for a tryout. (player) You know you're not joining the Ice Capades, right buddy? You're night trying out for the... the... (player) Duh. (coach) You've been touched by the fist of God. What number do you wanna wear? (voice) 69! Take the number 69! It's a hilarious! Is that number taken? (coach) My brother. He wants to offer you a contract. You're not here to play hockey. You're here to fight. This is one step under the big league. No glory holes here tonight! Hi, I'm Doug Glatt. (player) Two rules. Stay away from my bird cassettes, and do you have any bird cassettes. Alright. Why the hell do you protect these guys? You are nothing. I'm on your team! (Doug) I'm there to do whatever they need me to do. If they need me to bleed, I'll bleed for my team. (Dr. Glatt) You can do anything. Except punch people. What do I know. You're like the Hebrew Dolph Lundgren. (woman) Doug, I dig hockey players. The violence, the beer. I'm horny a lot. [man laughs] (Ryan) Ross the boss Rhea. He is the master. (Ross) You have my respect. If ever there comes a time when it gets down to you and me, I will lay you out, kid. (Ryan) This has all the elements of a sports masterpiece. Ready? Yes.Thank you for asking. (announcer) This is about to get ugly. (Eva) Come on Dougy! Hey. Do you wanna go? Yeah, okay. Good luck, man. Good luck to you too, bud. (owner) Knock him out. [crowd cheering]

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Duration: 2 minutes and 17 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: ccwebguy on Mar 7, 2012


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