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how to sync 3 total XBi2 units to each other

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here we have the XBi2 bike to bike communicators the XBi2 is a bike to bike communicator that has a range of up to 500 meters The XBi2 can be used for bike to bike and or rider to passenger communication regardless of how you use it you are only capable of communicating among three total units regardless if they are set up as rider to passenger or bike to bike for example no matter what you are only allowed to have three of these models communicating with each other if two people are using two units on the same bike as a couple and your riding with one other person on a different bike then that will still count as three. no matter what you are only allowed to communicate among three total units the next thing that I wanted to mention is we are going to show you today how to do the initial syncing of three models so we will just say that there is three people riding and you want to be able to link all three together so that all three can communicate while riding I want to take the time to stress the fact that it is very very important to follow these instructions exactly and the reason why is because if it is not done the exact way then this will appear to unsuccessful and you will wonder why it is not working so it is very very important again that you do it exactly the same way that I am about to do it so with that being the case out of these three models you want to choose which one you will pick as the main master unit once you do that the other two units will be called the satellite units today I will choose this model right here as the main unit and these two models will be the satellite units once you do that you want to use something to label this unit as the main unit I will explain to you later on in this video why it is important to label the main unit so we go ahead and use this model as the main unit and the first thing your going to do is simply turn each unit on by holding down the power button down until the light begins to blink on all three so you will notice that all three lights are blinking and the units are ready in the on position the next thing i am going to do is the most important part of this entire video and i'm going to actually talk about it before I do it mainly because it is very important that the timing of this has to be done correctly otherwise it will not be successful so what i'm going to do is locate and push the mode and power button down at the same time on the main unit first hold these two buttons down for about four to five seconds until the light begins to blink fast red and blue the next thing you want to do is be ready because as soon as you release the two buttons on the main unit you want to quickly within one second push and release both the power and mode button on the second unit then push and release the power and mode button on the 3rd unit and let go we will go over one more time before you do it. On the main unit push and hold the power and mode button for four seconds as soon as you let go push release push release if you do this process correct the two satellite units with both turn off immediately afterwards then a few seconds later the main unit light will turn off by itself. If that does not happen the exact way I just mentioned then you did it wrong and you will have start all over and do it from the beginning again so I am going to do this right now and we will find out if I do it right or not. If so you will see that It will happen the exact way that I mentioned so your going to push and hold the power and mode button down for four seconds the light will blink fast then let go. Push and hold let go push and let go you noticed the two lights turned off by themselves and this one is still blinking which is the main unit eventually it will turn off like so since they turned off in that order we do know for a fact that the pairing process was done successfully again you will notice that after doing that process the two satellites will turn off immediately and the main unit will turn off shortly after. if you do it wrong the main unit will actually turn off first and it will take a very long time before any of the lights turn off that is how you know if you did the procedure wrong. So since this was a successful pairing process the last thing you want to do is turn the units on by pushing and holding the power button again. Once all three lights are on the last thing you want to do is plug all of your headsets into the inputs and either one of the three of you can push and hold the intercom button which is the front button on either one of the units you can push and hold that button and let you. You will hear a beeping noise and that will let you know that you are engaging the intercom mode which means at that point you can talk back and forth and all three of you can talk like a telephone conversation again either one of you can push your intercom button and engage and disengage the intercom mode the last thing that I wanted to mention towards the beginning of this video was that you want to label the main unit which is this model right here after the three units are already programmed it is very important that the main unit always has to be within range for everyone to be able to talk for example these all have a range of five hundred meters. If the main unit falls behind outside of the five hundred meters these two will not be able to communicate. The reason why is because the main unit always has to be within the range of the other in order for everyone to be able to talk another example would be let us say the main unit and one of the other riders were to stay together and the other were to fall out of range then these two will still be able to communicate why because the main unit is still there and this way they can still communicate with each other so you want to keep all of this in mind that way you can understand how all of this works the last thing that I wanted to mention is let us say that these three units are all paired with each other and all are on separate bikes Then another day the owners of these two models want to go out on a ride and the owner of the main unit is not going along to ride that day Since the original main unit will not be there the other two will not be able to communicate. so with that being the case if the main unit is not there then you want to go over that pairing process all over again with just these two units and follow the instructions on the other video showing how to pair only two models at the same time to each other so if anything you have watched does not work for you and you have further questions please contact us.

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this video will show you the initial syncing process of 3 total XBi2 units.

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