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Georgia Project testimonial on DMP

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Hi my name is Barb Kearney and this is Martha Veto and we are part of the GSAP team. Because of our participation in the project, we have had the benefit of being part of a community not only focusing on the learning of specific skills related to distance technologies but also allowing us to share information and knowledge with other deafblind project teams from all over the United States. The best part of our participation, however, has been the access to the resources located on the Great 8 site Here we have had access to training videos other forms that other State DB projects have used and developed as well as resources they use and recommend. It has aided us in learning of wikis by providing sample wikis and other information regarding web conferencing that we have used to implement distance mentorship project strategies in our project in Georgia. (Martha talking): Since Georgia started our Great 8 experience we've set up three activities to try out our new distance technologies. We set up a conference planning site for a statewide training we're co-sponsoring and have started our own Adobe Connect room so we can hold web conference planning meetings. We set up a Google Site for a Discovery team in a Customized Employment pilot project that allows a team to update Discovery forms on shared documents, keep pictures and video clips of the student working, and for people not familiar with Customized Employment we linked to lots of information about the Discovery process. Our major effort with the DMP model is to follow up on a training delivered by Linda Alsop this summer to child-focused teams of parents, teachers, and paraprofessionals. We have a Google Site housing Linda's handouts, PowerPoints, resources page with information about interveners and links to the tools and articles we frequently recommend, a discussion board where participants can share questions and ideas between teams. Each team has a private site where they can share information about their individual student. Our goal for the private sites is that parents will eventually take ownership and turn the site into a rich portfolio that can be shared with new teachers, new schools, and adult services. Four teams will have monthly TA via Adobe Connect, where information from the private sites will be reviewed and discussed. We're excited to involve parents more fully in team planning We're hoping to see more consistency between service providers and the sharing of strategies between home and school. We're eager to partner and share ideas with experts in our state and other states via the Adobe Connect meetings. And finally, we hope that our project can spend more time DOING TA instead of driving to TA. (Barb talking): Other state projects would greatly benefit from being a part of this type of community It dissolves the issues that are related to distance and isolation which exists for groups who strive to meet the needs of deafblind individuals in any state. It helps to bring continuity and an opportunity for best practices to develop with our combined efforts.

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Posted by: ncdbjon on Jul 19, 2012

Barb and Martha describing their distance tech activities as part of the DM collaborative.

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