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I come from Sudan to Libya I walk in Libya for [a] year After Libya, problem It started fight After, I [was] walking with somebody from Libya I was walking with him, after there start problem in Libya. [They say me] "If you want to go, your country problem here Libya problem, go to Europe. If you go to Europe go to England." Before I don't know England, I don't know France. I hear, but I don't see things. He say me, "go to England". I say okay. If I come to Italy, [there are] many people After I come France, I come to Jungle here I want to go to England, and try, and try, and try, and try. Everyday try, everyday try, everyday try Sometimes police say [to] me 'Go monkey, monkey.....' Like err monkey, monkey. Like err.. Interviewer: "Animal, animal" They say me [I am] monkey, they say me monkey Alle, alle, alle [go, go, go] I don't understand The first time [the police] see me, they talking with me in French. I don't understand what he say, [the police] I don't understand what he say to me He say me "you speak English?". I say "little english". He say "Monkey!" I say "I'm monkey?" Police: Yeah you monkey" I can't do anything to [the] police, I don't have anything. I am going, I am leaving police. I say "Okay", because I can't defend myself. I say "Okay, I'm going, I am monkey, I am monkey, no problem." One day i am people like you, but now really I am monkey. Because my country [has a] problem. I come Europe to save myself! I want peace! And you say me monkey. I say [to the police] "Okay, I am going" After i try, try, try ... Before, one week (ago) Army. Seven army [men], me and my friend [are] two people. They said to me "stop, stop, stop, stop". Army: "You running, you running to train station". They have [a] car, [drive up to me and my friend] and they stop. They boot me, they boot me, they boot me. From twelve o'clock that night until seven and a half [7.30am] They boot me, they boot me.. I have a problem before [with] my leg, I fell down In my country, the government have problem Now i can't go like anybody He beat me, he beat me, he beat me, he beat me. Three hour and a half, after, cold, I feel cold He boot me, he boot me He talk [to me] in France, I don't understand. He talk [to] me in English, he beat me, he talk, he talk to me, he talk He talk France, he beat, he talk France, beat me, he talk France I don't understand what he said. He talk France, beat me. I can't talk After they call to police, the police come by car They take me and put me outside When the police bring outside, me, I say "I am sick". I say "I am sick". They say "Go!" They say "Go, to Jungle." I say "I am sick" He sprays, he sprays, he sprays. I don't know exactly but, he sprays [tear gas] tsst in my face. He put me from car into under ... They [the police] go. My friend, wait [for] me. After half hour somebody come with half cigarette he smoke in my face, he blows in my face because I want to help my ear He smoke in my face, he smoke in my face. After my ear is good, my face is good. I come here [jungle]. Now, I don't know what I can do. I loose all my family, my country. I loose my brother. I loose my sister, she die. I don't know. I come to Europe. I need peace But I don't know, nobody respect me. I don't know my life. Sometime, I get food, sometime I don't get I don't care about food. I want to diet good, like anybody, life I don't know They say me monkey, police say me monkey. I'm surprised I'm probably like him, I'm people like him. But I don't have.. I don't [inaudible] like anybody because I have problem with my country I have problem with my leg. I loose my family. I think before, some people is good. But when I get people, police, they say me monkey And they beat me... Nobody respect me I don't know, what can I do in my life. Before I say 'one day I am happy.' I don't know when I am happy But I wait. I pray to God, one day I am happy. I don't know when I am happy. My father???? 25. I don't know now my father where? My mother where? I don't know where is she, where? Before I'm in Libya I know him, but I don't know now Now, she where? He where? My sister she die. Halfway sister she die. I don't know when I am happy, when I am happy. Like people, I have house, car, like anybody, life. I don't know I am waiting for God I say sometime, I say one day I am like anybody. But I don't know when I, when I, when I, like anybody. I go anyplace, nobody respect to me. I don't have problem if I stay in France. If I get [a] home, I get peace, I get respect, I don't have problem. I stay. But nobody respects me, I am in jungle. Everyday I stay and lie, and sometime I get it, sometime I don't get it the life. I dont know, what can I do? This is my life. Everyday I pray to God. I need help. When do they help??? I like help. I call to my family. I want to hear a voice, my mumma long time I don't hear her voice, my mumma. Many many people happy, why don't I happy? I need peace, I need peace I wanna talk [to] my family. I need respect I need respect, because I respect everybody in the world. I don't know, nobody respect to me. Sometime I think, I think I am alone Some people say me, that you are not alone. I know I am now alone, sometime I think I am alone because nobody respect me. I don't know whether I am happy.

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