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WorldVentures Presentation Jan 2016

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WorldVentures Presentation 2016 Hey thanks for joining us on step 2 of the process obvisouly you just saw a 2m video that got you intrigued and so now you're were on this live stream or might cathing the recording of this. you might get it right away or you might not understand right away either way is fine with us. we'r glad that you here (?earing?) I wanna ask you a quick question this question was asked me 15 years ago. Are you as far ahead in life as you thought you would be right now? And the answer I was like NO i'm not as far ahead i wanna be and the thing is, this is an article in time magazine that say who killed summer vacation? and basicly is talking about the US is one of 3 countrys that still doesnt not have payed mandated vacation days I mean a lot of people are scared to take vacation they dont have the time or they dont have the money at least they thing they dont they're spending time cleaning they're garage they're house or something like that the problem is just other countrys in the world that get more rest than us and they're producing more that us I think thats a problem and its a huge problem not just in the US but a lot of other countrys around the world so we got a solution to this and this solution has to do with mobile has to do with social has to do with literaly something we've been doing for almost a decade now but we're taking it to whole new level where you can actualy earn your vacation wouldn't that be cool? what we are doing right now is we got a VIP [invite] only travel club its called DreamTrips and we ?queue? at this trips on specific dates all around the World and we work very similar to a Sams Club or Casco we do a large volumes of trips here and we pass the savings on to you our members so here are some examples of the trips that we do here 6 days, 5 nights at the sheraton, ok? in Maui This is normaly a 2500$ trip for 919$ you save a tone of money there here is another one in Paris,France 4 days, 3 nights you skiping the line at the Eifel Tower you got 5 start hotel accomodations gratuities, taxes, all included. for 349$ for that trip right there here is another one in Las Vegas, Nevada staying at the Weston 4 days, 3 nights this includes a VIP entertainment pass and also includes dinner for 2 and a show witch is awesome! for only 299$ witch is really nice and you also have Creta, greece I mean how'd of you greece is in your bucket list? 8 days, 7 nights at a 5 star hotel, all inclusive all day boat excursion i mean all inclusives are awesome because you don't have to pay for the you kinda pre-praid before but you know you go eat , drink and have a blast. Nueva Vallarta, Mexico 5 days, 4 nights in a 1400 square foot suite, okey? and the all thing is 599$, all inclusive. your taxes, gratuites and you airport transfers included Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 6 days, 5 nights 699$ a person everybody on this specific trip here is staying in a junior suite 1200$ resort credit, all inclusive two excursion included your gratuites, your taxes, your transfer all included there witch is really awesome Berlin, Germany 4 days, 3 nights 219$ a person 5 starts accomodations once again: taxes, gratuites, local taxes, ?vats? included Phuket, Thailand 4 days, 3 nights 239$ a person at a 5 start resort also all inclusive and you get speed tour around the cabe as well visit the cashew nut factory so how many of you like sporting events? we get the kentuky derby, the world series, Daytona 500 nascar, Worldcup Olympics coming up the next year all kinds of great stuff that we all love to do and if are the type of person that loves to give your time with worldventures foundation we built botle schools in guatmala in matter of fact we built over 75 botles schools we do clean water technology type things in Africa as well things in Asia we also built sport courts. Dreamcourts we call them around the united stats with boys and girls club with the Nancy ?Livermond? foundation. ?my wife and I? were able to take a group to down there to Guatmala wich is really really awesome. So volun-tourism is what we do but also with your membership you gonna have a travel website and we all know that when travels booked through a website comissions generated, right? well Rovia is our agency when somebody books through your site you gonna earn a comission you gonna earn whats called Rovia bucks that actually means you actually earn travel when people book in your site. but the big question I always get is "hey can I get a good deal on airfare?" well we dont own the airline but the next great best thing is our technology called Rate Shrinker you book your flight when you're done booking it, you get your confirmation. our technology goes to work for you every hour it will search your flight up until the dead you leave if your rate drops below the rate you booked at whats gonna happen is gonna rebook the lower rate and refund your credit card we had people doing this 2, 3 times before they're flight witch is really really awesome its kinda like low airfare insure, okey? but also if you like to travel with your family and you wanna stretch out have your own bedroom, kids have they're own bedroom, have a kitchen spreadout living room all of that type of stuff we have condos, villas and ?lofs? all around the world Seventy thousand properties for as low as four, five, sometimes six hundred dollars for week which is really really affordable. And we know that you might not be able to travel for the next month or two or three. So we gonna say tonight or even this weekend, if you like to go out, eat, watch movies do fun stuff that we all like to do, we have a daily local global programme able to save you 20% , sometimes up to 50% off the things that you gonna do anyway. Also last but not least, wouldn’t be awesome to have your own personal assistant, literaly 24-7, you can call him, ask for information, directions, he’ll book restaurants for you, anything that’s on the ground, so speak that he’ll book for you. So that, what i've just showed you is your gold numbership, you've access to all your dreamtrips, you can take one trip, you can take five or ten trips if you want to, you´ve got the Rate Shrinker technology, travel insurance, dinning, entertainment deals. We also have the dream trips mall, you can shop majorly retailers, like a ?pass by?, like Sam’s Club, like Apple, and actually cash back on ?erer" Rovia bucks, once again a way on your trips, when you shop for yourself, what you gonna do anyway, right? And then also, the dreamtrip concierge, kind having your own personal assistant, alright? Normally people see that membership, they think it’s a time-share thing where 10, 20, 30, 40 grand [1grand = 1thousand bucks] but what we want to do is make it very very affordable for families and you to be able to create memories for a lifetime. So our membership is not even five hundred dollars. It’s a one time fee two hundred dollars and fifty dollars a month. and that’s it. You get access to all those trips and all those deals. We have another level of the membership called Platinum, okey? We all know that if you travel a lot you kinda ready for that next level. And so our Platinum membership is only a thousand dollars, one time. actually it’s not even a thousand dollares. it’s three hundred dollars one time and a hundred dollars a month, thats it, okey? With it you get access to Platinum trips, you get access to all kind of benefits I've talked about, but this is pretty crazy. 6 days, 5 nights in Dubai, ok? 18 hundred 79 dollars, but this includes a helicopter tour and Abu Dhabi and Dubai cities tour a round trip airport transfers, hotel, obviously, really really awesome, but what is great about this Platinum membership is you get early check in/late check out, you have the teledoctor service, Which means you can call a doctor anywhere in the world he'll zap the precription anywhere you at the world to the nearest pharmacy and we have international roadside assistance, he have Identity Theft Protection private limo transfers on your Platinum trips or any kind of dreamtrip you got this Platinum benefits, allright? So once again guys, Platinum: 300 one time and a 100$/month Gold is 2 hundred dollars one time and 50 dollars a month. And so the question I´m wanna ask you is “Are you gonna travel over the six to twelve months?” Yeah, probably, or at least you’d like to. Right? And so, to make this even more no brainer, here's what we gonna do, allright? Every dollar you give us, for the membership, we’ll give back to you in what's called Dreamtrip reward points. A dollar for point and you can use that to take a trip, allright? So if you become a Gold member today, what’s going to happen is when you pay two hundred dollars, we gonna give you two hundred points, which is a dollar for point, right back to use in your dreamtrip immediately. and everytime you refer a friend to get a gold membership, you're gonna get 100 Dreamtrip Points,and start earning Dreamtrips, while you're doing this aswell, but on your 1-year anniversary, after you pay those monthly dues for 12 months, you now have 600 USD waiting for you at the end of the year, so here's what your calendar looks like as a gold member. On your 1-year anniversary, you have 600 USD. I mean, what does the gym membership give you after an year? Quite nothing, right? We give you 600 Dreamtrip Points or dollars back, right? To go use on a trip, wich is really awesome. And then with the Platinum situation here, is when you pay 300 dollars right away, we you give 300 points, wich is a dollar per point, right back to go use on a Dreamtrip, allright? and at the end of your 1-year anniversary as a Platinum, you're gonna have 1200 dollars waiting for you at the end of your year, so you're just kinda accelerating your vacation savings program, anyway once again we're gonna travel anywhere, right? cause we gonna travel in style and we put some money away for you, wich is really nice, but we added a couple of guarantees that really sweet the pop for you, first is Rovia Price Pledge, if you book air, hotel from your site or someone books through your site and you find a lower rate after you booked it, you submit that in the first 24 hours, we're gonna reimburse you 150% of the difference in Rovia Bucks, allright? ain't pretty cool. and the other thing that we're gonna do is if you book one of our Dreamtrips, and you find a lower rate, apples to apples ok? within 7 days, we're gonna refund your money you paid to go on a trip, and send you on that trip for free and so, the other reason why you should become a member right now, is because of this: we have this welcome dreamtrips, that are literally just flying of the shell, people wanna go on these trips because they're only 4days/3nights for 189USD to cool places like Orlando, Vegas, New York, San Francisco, and places like that, and also if you refer 4 of your friends, to get the membership, we're gonna waive your fees, but we're still gonna give you the points, every single month wich is really (a lot) at the end of the year, pretty awesome isn't it? Allright, so once again, Platinums 300 USD one time, 100 USD a month, Golds, 200 USD one time, 50 USD a month, but if you refer 4 of your friends to get the membership your fees are waived, and we still give you the points every single month, awesome? ok, now let's shift gears for a second, and how many people do we know that would love to travel like that? to get a membership like that to save money? a lot of people, right? and so, one of our ?tipelines? is You Should Be Here, it's like we have people travelling all across the world to iconic destinations, with their You Should Be Here signs saying "Hey, you should be here with us having a blast!" our other ?tipeline? is Make a Living, Living. And it's not making a living stressed, not make a living driving in traffic, it's make a living, living and this next part is talking about the business side, because you can make a small part-time income, or a full-time, carreer building income here, if we know people that like to travel, and hey, EVERYBODY loves to travel, right? and so, you're the perfect ?? oportunity, 7 trillion dollar industry, it's about to double over the next 10 years, there's no inventory, you can't put Hawai in your garage, right? I think it's important to have a plan B, we have home insurance, car insurance, cellphone insurance, i think it's important to kinda have income insurance, right? Here's 100000 square foot home office, in Plano, Texas, our founders were Ernst&Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalists, we're number 915 of the Ink 5000, the fastest growing 5000 ?private? companies in the US, and we're also the 47th largest Direct Sells company in the entire world, which is great, and we're also in 30 countries all around the world, so you can literally earn income in the countries that we're open in and you can become a representative with us, very simply for 100 dollars one time, and 11 dollars a month. And what that does is gives you a license to sell in those 30 countries I just talked about, sell our membership, right? We have all these employees working for you for 11 dollars a month a marketing departement, a customers service department a travel department, all this, for 11 bucks a month, I mean, we're actually getting help at wholesale aswell, not just our trips. But here's what your website looks like see, at this point in the presentation a lot of people they see this are like "you know what? this is preetty cool but I'm not a sales person" Good! all you literally have to do is have people watch the video you're watching right now! All you do is sending them a simple message wish to they're hearing it right now and ask them if they want to join, right? Very very simple, we teach you how to do that, no worries, I work for you 24/7, I never get sick, we're always on, all that good stuff we're working for you, alright? But, this guy billionaire right? Mark Zuckerberg because he founded Facebook but who really built Facebook? We did right? You did! Okay, and so we're going to track your social network as you market the memberships and who they refer, and who they refer. So we have it on a two tier system, It is called a "binary" a left team and a right team, okay? You have a left leg, and a right leg just like on your body when you sell 3 memberships on your first 28 days, we're going to give you 100 dollars, now, if you sell another 3 memberships, in the same 28 days, we give you 150, so 250$ for the first 6 membership sales. Don't quit your day job yet, alright? But there's another level of income that happens in here, it's called "cycle pay", alright? Every 3 sales left and 3 sales right, you earn what's called "Cycle bonuses" it's 100 dollars a cycle but for your first 60 days, we pay you 200 dollars a cycle. you could cicle several times a month, a week, a day, an hour. the potencial is up to 25000 $ per week based on new members memberships beeing marked and sold in the organization, ok? I'm assuming in this diagram that this people are representatives and they are members, alright? Ok so here what happens this people what to got out and they wanna to wave they're fees so they start to tell other people about it and so all the suden theres 3 sells left and 3 sells right, you cicled again and we track this on the internet, real time, on your tablet, your computer, ipad, iphone all the good stuff, right? is happening real time 3 sells left , 3 sell right you cicled again, ok? once again this is happening, you know, while you sleep or as your team is selling more memberships so what you think they gonna do? they gonna tell someone else about it 3 sells left , 3 sell right you cicled again 3 sells left , 3 sell right you cicled again So now, every 6 time that you cicle you earn whats called travel dollars, travel dollars its dollar per dollar ok? but you can only spend on travel, ok? so its really really cool but what starts to happen is your team is growing and the only way you make money is when memberships is sold, is that make sense? Ok, so memberships is beeing sold, you're ciclying like a pinball machine you're earning travel dollars and you're earning cash remember every 6 cicle your're earning travel dollars but you can only spend it on travel, ain't that cool? o whats better then ?all? sell travel? well travel thats earned, right? and so i wanna flash you some quick pictures that me and my wife , we've gone in some really crazy trips all payed for by the travel dollars program so didnt come out of our pocket it come out from our profite, alright? so check this out ere's dead see in israel we had ?napa? ?vali? we had veneza italy we had ?porto? yard in mexico, we had excutive platinum status on american cruises payed for atlantis payed for ?tukres in cacoes? payed for monaco, montana back to mexico hong kong rome, one my dream is the fligh on the a380 airbus dboule decker all they way through we went to fly first class from london to johannesburg and back just had a blast on this 5 course meal, all of that was back home for 24h , through the nani, the family, the kids, the parents, everything in a limo, went to mexico for a all week, payed all that with travel dollars and we had saint martin, then we had barcelona we had paris then we had Asia, went to vietnam in tailand, first class had a blast on there then went to vegas to memorial day at the oriental and than I went to bangkok, went there first class, stay iat St Regis, had a driver all travel dollars guys, i mean just crazy my son first time in a cockpit of a airplane we went to montana, this is my fatherlaw's backyard there just had a blast, and a bunch of us we went down to a mansion and ?porto yard?, mexico, just a bunch of us like 13 bedroom on there, they're all payed for by travel dollars so once again if price were no option, where would you go? this is just a testimon of what can happen when this compensation plan gets going, alright? and so guys has i ?rappup? the presentation here. We got a residual income aspect of this to, has people are paying are they're membership dues . has people are paying are they're membership dues . if you have 60 gold members, that's not by yourself, hat's all of your team working together, to start earning your residual there, and then if you just have as little as 30 platinum membership, you start earning residual there, and the potential is 50000USD a month, in addition to the 2500 a week potential, once again is all potentials, of what the compensation plan an pay you, but the lifestyle bonus really drive this thing, right? if you just refer ?as little as? 6 gold members, who each get one, that's just 12 gold members, you'll get 300 USD a month as long as they mantain that volume there, and it goes all, or 8 platinums get you there, 12 gold or 8 platinums and then it goes all the way up to 900 USD a month, you get a nice car with that, or a ??, or whatever, it's called a lifestyle bonus. we have a lot of people that are getting silver BMWS they're having a blast doing that, we have a lot of people waiting here, we have one of the simplest, easiest, car qualification programs in the industry to the date, so as you help other people become successfull, we gonna raise your bonuses we gonna raise your car bonus up to 1500 dollars a month, and then we are throwing a house bonus of 3000 dollars a month to pay for your rent or your house morgage, whatever, on that and we teach you how to do this, ok? we have training events all around the world and these are leadership events, we teach you how to build this business, our relationship just starts when you join the family here at WorldVentures ok, there's no guarantee of income here that you get out of it what you put in to it, allright? here's our income disclosure statement, notice that we have people earning a 102 USD a year to over half a million dollars a year, you know, 22,49% of the people earn the paycheck and 77,51% did not earn the paycheck, what does that mean? well, that means that not everybody wins because not everybody puts in the work, you know? January the gym is full, February the gym is empty, right? And so we just want to show you that and be transparent with you, let you know that if you hit these ranks, then you can look forward to these incomes, right? but if don't do the work, you don't hit the ranks, then you won't get the incomes, does that makes sense? we wanna be transparent with you on that aswell. and so, every company goes through 4 stages of growth: formulation, concentration, momentum, and stability. this is from page 60 - 69 from a book called "Wave 3", who was written by Richard Poe and Dr. Charles King, and one of the things that you don't want to do is to get involved in something stability, why? because you have to work 10 times harder for 10 times longer, for 10 times less money, but also if you get involved with a company that started up, most of those fail, right? you want to get involved with a company that's in their concentration/momentum, and here's what our sales have been since 09, just steadily going up and now, this year, it's on track to do over 600 Million dollars of revenue, and here we're part of history right now, because literally we are starting momentum right now, everybody is going to hear about Dreamtrips, just like they knew about Cosco, they may also ear it about it from you, right? by becoming a member today, you're gonna be part of our beta test of our new app, and earlier in the presentation, if you remember, i talked about a chance of maybe earn vacations well this is what it is. imagine if facebook and tripadvisor and yelp all came together, what if there's an app that allows you to contribute your content, could be in a form of pictures, or maybe even videos, or adding your friends for free and things like that, and you actually earn vacations by doing that. well, that's what's happening, that's what is going to be released next year in 2016, which is going to be powerfull, but you're able to beta test the app right now, and can you imagine people download this app for free from you, okey? And they have their friends downloading, all of the sudden they see a retail price versus the member price? they want to become a member and then, the upgrade right there on their phone that rolls up to you, possibly, just see the ramifications of what can happen here, it's pretty exciting, so here's what the ecosystem looks like now, we got members, we have reps, we will release it to the world sometime next year, what's gonna happen is this is gonna grow tremendously, cause we're gonna have a major travel community, it's kinda like Mark Zuckerberg rolling back the tape on Facebook saying, "Hey, you know what? Let's all do this together. Let's build Facebook together" Kinda like the travel of Facebook. That is what's happen right now guys. We launched this to the world. We gonna have well over 100 thousand already "download" the app . When that goes very conservative numbers: 1.5 million to 12.7 M and this gonna ups towards that. Just imagine to be able to earn your vacation and thinks you gonna do anywhere, right? What I just shared with you is exponential ?unnature? Here is one example: If i took a checkerboard 64 squares and i put one piece of rice in the first square and then 2 pieces of rice in the second square and then 4 and then 8 and I kept on doing multiples i woudn't have enought rice in the world to cover the last square. That's how powerfull exponentional grows is and computers are getting faster. That's what world we're in now, we are in an exponencial world. The question is in what side you gonna be on, right? If so, once again, if you were get involved with this become a rep right now for a 100 $ and become a member platinum or gold... figure that out on the price situation in there, it's gona be pretty excitting. and what's next ? For a lot of people wonder "How can I do this?" or "What do I do?" Alright, the 1st steps is this: choose your package plat or gold.ok? Once you chose that the 2nd step is: we have a "sizzle video" that you text your friends to pick their interest Once the interest is picked the go "they I wanna know more." and then you show'em the video, that you're whatching right now. That's simples, that's it, you choose your package, get involved, right? Also become a rep, you promoted the business. ok? Text, then show this video and you're good to go! allright? So, with that sayd let us know A, B ou C: C means: "Hey thanks but no thanks its not really for me" i don't travel, i don't do anything fun" (I'm just joking), allright? so if you are B, that means "hey I wanna do it, that's gona figure for a new gold or plat" great turn to the person next to you, if they are watching next to you... or text someone right now and say: "Hey I'am an A , I'm a B... " A means "I wanna do it, I'm ready to sign up right now", okey? and so notice "I'll think about it's not on here, notice that, you know, "I'll get back with later" is not there. Just let him know you're an A, B or C. Don't leave him hanging, right? Now if you're a C because you don't have the money you're not really a C, you just a B that gonna figure it out, right? Thats why you gotta do this! if you're a C because with think you don't have the time Thats why you have to do this! You gotta to figure it out because if you don't have the time now. when are you going to have the time, right? I think that all of us do wanna travel but just you just have to figure it out and get over the obstacles, right? So let us know if you are an A, B or C with that said: Thank you soo much and we'll see you on the beaches Legendando por 233Power

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WorldVentures Presentation Jan 2016

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