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Divine Inspiration Class #3 : Karen Berg on Humility

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Tonight we're going to talk about what is humility. What is true humility? And the only way I think that we can approach that is to understand that we're really a zero. We ourselves are nothing. What does it mean we're nothing? What do you mean I'm a nothing? I mean I have a house and a car maybe I've got some kids or some girlfriends or some things in my life. I've got people that are important to me. I'm important to them. What do you mean you're a nothing? The only way a person becomes a something is when he starts of understanding that he is a nothing. The only way that you get to the place of true humility is by the understanding that even as I speak to you know, I am only a messenger. I'm receiving words to tell you but they're not my words. I have things in my life to share with you but they're not mine. They were given to me as a gift. Yes through my hard work. Yes through my learning. Yes through my ability to relate to others. But who gave me the ability to do all of those things? There are many people that are in the same business as you are. In the same life stream as you are and they are maybe on a greater level of financial wealth. Maybe on a greater level of wisdom. Maybe on a greater level of awareness of things around them. But who gave that to them? Every gift and everything that we have, whether we worked for it or it comes to us through other means. Has been put there for us to use to become a better human being in our lives and to use those gifts to share with others. If I understand that even if I've worked all my life and now finally I can reach my dream goal of having this house and this car and all the other things in my life that may have mean something. Who allowed me to get there? Me? Why didn't everybody reach the same place? Why are there others that have more and greater than I am? If we look at it form a spiritual relationship we understand that everything that we have is there to afford us the opportunity, to give us the process, to allow use to reach our end goal of returning that light that the Creator gave us back to him. And therefore we have people with great wealth who may not give charity. We have people with great knowledge who don't share it. And people who are greatly spiritual but find themselves mediating for hours a day instead of out with the people. Humility means that I understand that whatever I do and whoever I am, it's not me. It's the gift that I was given to give to other people and if I don't do that and I believe that I'm the one who is doing, being and becoming that's where our problems start because everything is affected by the me. But when you're a nothing, when you're a zero when you understand that you're a messenger that's put into a body to do an action, only then can you have true humility. It's my hope that a lot of us can reach that level. And if we do then and only then can we start our growth. Thank you. Enjoy.

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Karen Berg on Humility

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