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Discover Kabbalah Part 2 Class 7 : Rachel Goldfiner on Volunteering

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One learns by doing. So if you sit in a classroom and you take kabbalah 1, 2, 3 and you go home, you don't have a sounding board, you don't have a way of digesting it, but if you sit and mentor in a class, now you have people that are in kabbalah 1 and you're past 6 months or 8 months in the centre, and you connect with them, you start teaching them what you've learned. Now it becomes easier for you. The remarkable thing is that as you give the information to others, you learn it for yourself even better, that's number one. and volunteering in itself means that you've taken something that may not be so comfortable for you to do and going above that to help other people. And that's a very, very, very important step in anybody's spiritual growth. Knowledge will not create a spiritual human being. Knowledge is a tool. If I was taught what the mountains look like and I'm showed a clip. And I was taught how the seasons change and I was shown a clip. If I've never gone to the mountain and smelled the dew of the grass or see the birds fly in the air, it would never have the same meaning. Never. So the idea of tools being taught. It's like learning how to fly an air plane from the ground. it's only when you sit in that cabin and you take control do you understand what in means to fly. It's only when you take what you've learned and convert it into a practicality of how you live and how you work with people do you understand the concepts of spirituality. What are the goals of volunteering? First of all, the goal of volunteering is a) for your own personal growth and of course the other is to bring other people and help them on their path. For instance you know it's an amazing thing when somebody comes to a holiday and they're sitting outside and they're registering people and they're talking and you would say "??? I mean they've come to an event to enjoy, to be a part of it, to receive their own energy" but speak to them after the event is over and they'll tell you how much more they have gotten because they were able to spend their time. And everything we learn, you know we say that when you push water back, it comes back on the level that you've pushed it away. Same thing with your spiritual activity, when you come only to take, you receive only a minor amount. When you've come to take but also to give back at the same time. Then you have a vessel that's enormously bigger, higher. And that's what happens when you volunteer. What are you saying to yourself? I'm saying "I'm open to the light." I truly want to receive this massive amount of energy for me But I'm also open to the Light, to help, to push it forward. What are the global and personal benefits of volunteering? You receive a lot more from what you're doing. You know, it's sort of like the difference between sitting with yourself and sitting in a place where there are many, they're sharing the same type of knowledge, Sharing the same type of an energy, and that energy becomes more when you open yourself up. You know it's somebody that's closed within a vessel to himself. That's one form of receiving. And then there is somebody whose heart is open and there are other people in his field and he allows them in and so to they allow themselves to be a part of him . This becomes a different type of a sharing. And the other is me and the second is a we. While volunteering, what should my consciousness be? To see the other person, to try to help them, to try to empathise with them, to understand that most people that come for the first time might be a little shocked to see so many people in a room together. To try to give them warmth and basically to go without an agenda. Because when you go without an agenda you're like an open page and the Light can fill in the blanks. Good evening everybody, my name is Rachel Goldfiner I am in charge of the volunteering programme for Kabbalah Centre Europe. It is my honour to be here to support and coordinate all of our amazing projects here at the Kabbalah Centre. After listening to this great clip by Karen Berg I'm happy and excited to share with you the different opportunities that we have, which are including the Zohar project, which is to go out and spread the Zohar to different places and different organisations, people that cannot get it for themselves, people who have a desire to study and connect to the Zohar and are not able to and for those who don't know what the Zohar is, also to introduce it to them. We have also a mentoring program, we have classes online, we have different things that are available for all of the students who don't live next a kabbalah centre, like yourselves, to have an opportunity to be a part of our volunteering projects. I will be sending out in a format with different things that you have, different opportunities and different project that there are and you're welcome to ask questions, you're welcome to of course include yourself if you wish to be involved, if you have ideas, if you have anything, feedback, I'm also happy and open to listen and to get that feedback as well. We have our translating team. We have our media department. So we have many different areas that if you would like to be a part of we are more than happy to allow and to endorse for that. And let me know if you have any questions and hope to see you guys soon, basically I will send the form, the file and you can simply sent it back to me, sorry, my earpiece fell out, you can send it back to me and I'll be happy to be in contact with you. Thank you very much and all the best to everybody.

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Rachel Goldfiner on Volunteering

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