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What is LinkedIn?

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It seems like everyone is a member of LinkedIn these days. You've got an online profile that represents your... ...professional experience, education and recommendations. And you have connections to people that you know and trust. You get the e-mails, but now what? We're here to show you that LinkedIn isn't about building connections. It's about helping you be more productive. Here's one way to think about it. To accomplish a goal, we need to see the path that will get us there. Often our people networks can point us in the right direction... ...but it's too hard to see who knows whom. The networks are often hidden from view. It's like trying to drive to a destination without maps or signs Intersections feel lonely and confusing. LinkedIn solves this problem by making professional connections visible. When you have a professional need in your daily life, LinkedIn helps make the path visible... you can ask the right questions and make the right decisions. Here's how it works. Meet Laurie. She owns a small engineering firm... ... and has been a longtime LinkedIn member. She has a lot of connections but never knew what was possible. Recently, she closed a few big deals... ... her business changed and her to-do list grew. She needed to find a new ad agency and raise some funding. Laurie's friend suggested taking another look at LinkedIn. This time she didn't just see a group of connections... ... but a network that's alive and ready to help. Laurie decided to use her network to get things done. Laurie's brand needs a very particular kind of Ad Agency. Instead of searching the web or browsing the Yellow Pages... ... she reached out to connections on LinkedIn... ... whom she knew would have solid feedback on ad agencies. Within days her network had helped her find three contacts at trusted agencies. She was ready to move on. To keep her business growing she needed funding... ... but didn't know where to begin. So she did an advanced search for investors who specialize in her kind of company... ... and found that trusted investors were in her network. All she needed was an introduction from her connections. Her network connected her to the right people and gave her a chance to shine. For the first time, Laurie saw LinkedIn differently: Instead of just being a group of connections, now her network is alive and easy to navigate... ... especially in accomplishing goals. Laurie is just one of millions of connections on LinkedIn. No matter what your profession, people, knowledge and opportunities... ...are at your fingertips. Get started or give your network another look... ... at

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Duration: 2 minutes and 28 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: None
Producer: LinkedIn Corporation
Views: 156,924
Posted by: linkedinmarketing on Jul 7, 2008

An overview of what LinkedIn is and what it can do for you. Click here to learn more about LinkedIn.

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