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Welcome to the Coach Office, your one stop shop for all your business needs. In this video, we're going to cover five important topics, how to log in to your Coach Office, how to navigate your Coach Office, how to set up your Coach websites, where to set up your direct deposit, and where to find your Graphical Genealogy. We'll be using a test account that has dummy information, so please ignore the numbers. Let's get started. To log in to the Coach Office, go to, which will take you to the login screen, enter in the email and password connected to your Coach account. If you can't remember, just click on the Forgot Password tab or call customer relations. Now let's talk through how to navigate your Coach Office. Once you've logged on, you'll see the Coach Office homepage. Let's first start with your dashboard. You can navigate through your dashboard by clicking through the different tabs on the left. The Profile tab has your key business information like your Name, Username, Qualification Status, Paid Rank, Success Club Qualification, and more. If you're a new Coach, don't worry if this doesn't make sense yet, the time will come very quickly when you'll understand what each of these mean and why they're important to you. The Team button gives you specific information about your team, like the number of current personally sponsored Coaches you have as well as the name and contact information of your sponsor Coach, and your upline Diamond and Star Diamond Coach. The Success Club tab displays all the current month Success Club information. As you strive to hit Success Club 5 or 10 each month, this is a quick and easy way to see your status. The Volume tab refers to the sales volume from your organization. As you and the Coaches on your team help people and grow your businesses, it will generate sales volume, and that's what generates your commissions and bonuses. This is where you track that sales volume. The Earnings tab looks at your last commission check and breaks it down by the source of the different payouts that you qualified for. And finally, the Leadership Ladder tab which displays your current Leadership Ladder status. The Leadership Ladder is a set of benchmarks that we provide you to help you set goals that will help you grow your business. Below your dashboard on the left is your business alerts. These link to important reports you'll need to monitor the growth of your business. For example, if you click on the New Customer Orders, it will take you to the report that shows the orders that have been generated by your new customers enrolled in the last seven days. In the Coach Breaking News section, you'll find all the latest and greatest information pertaining to your business from Team Beachbody. To navigate throughout the Coach Office, you're going to use the top bar navigation. If you click on the News tab, it'll open up sections of the Coach Office relating to news, like Coach Breaking News, as well as the National Wake-Up Calls, the current month's promotions information, and even the current monthly newsletter. This is the best way for you to stay up to date with everything going on with Team Beachbody. The Grow My Business tab is your marketing section. It has all the assets and tools you need to market your business effectively, whether it's shareable assets like videos or social media postcards, as well as Challenge Group Tools to help you run an effective Challenge Group. This is also where you can set up your Coach profile and websites and send an email to customers or your Coaches. In the Monitor My Business section, you'll find all of your reports that will provide you with key information of what's happening in your business. You can easily search within reports to find the information you need. Additionally, you can filter reports using the filter dropdown menu at the top of the report or sort the report data when you click on a column in ascending or descending order. The Rewards and Recognition tab has important information about incentive programs like Success Club or Elite and Premiere. It's also a place where we can celebrate Coaches who are having great success. In the Events section, you'll get a great overview of all the Team Beachbody events and how you can qualify to attend some of them. The Training section is where we've gathered the best practices of our most successful Coaches in a training format so that you can learn and develop the skills that you'll need to be successful. If you're a new Coach, you'll want to start on the Getting Started section. This will introduce you to the First 30 program. The First 30 program is designed for new Coaches to help you get started correctly by giving you actions to take in the first 30 minutes, first 30 hours, and first 30 days of becoming a Coach. The rest of the Training section has great information to help you learn skills to run your business, get up to date product information, and team development and personal development. The Support section is where you can find important Coach documents and forms, links to Coach FAQs, Coach relations contact information, and helpful quick links. If you can't find something, click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to search for it. The Coach Office has a fully-integrated search function. For example, let's say you heard the term Success Club and you're not sure what that is. Just type Success Club into the search box, click enter, and it will go through the entire Coach Office and bring up all the relevant things related to Success Club. Now let's move on to how to set up your Coach websites. It's important that you get your website set up because you'll share them with people as they're looking for more information, looking to purchase a Challenge Pack, or even to enroll to become a Coach. Your Coach ID will automatically append to all links on your website so that you get credit for sales. Click on the Grow My Business tab in the top navigation bar, and then click on My Websites/Profile. This will open up a wizard which will guide you through setting up your website in four easy steps. The first step is where you upload your profile photo and fill in all your contact information. Your photo name and contact information will appear in the upper left corner of your website. Once you've completed this section, click Next. The second step is to fill in the About Me section and add another photo, like a "before" and "after" photo or a lifestyle photo. If you're not sure what to write in this section, we have some default text that you can use now, and then you can customize the message later on by using the same wizard. Once you've completed this section, click Next. The third step in setting up your website is selecting which buttons you want to have displayed on your site. These buttons are Call-to-Action buttons. There's a Shop Button, a Become a Coach Button, a Try Free Membership Button, and a Join Beachbody On Demand button. You can put these on your website or keep them off simply by toggling between on and off. Read through the description of each of the buttons, select which ones you want on your website, and then click Next. The last step in setting up your website is to add your social media pages. It's a great way for people who visit your website to learn more about you and a great way for you to expand your network. Once you've entered your social URLs, click Publish. Once your website has been published, this is what you'll see when you click on the Manage My Websites/Profile, your site will automatically publish and be available in US English, US Spanish, Canadian English, Canadian French, and UK English. Click the Edit button to modify your website in any country. For example, clicking on the Edit button of the US Spanish language site will only update that particular site. You can also view your websites and copy your website links from this management page. Use your website links to share with your customers and Coaches. This connects them to you, so any purchases or interactions they may have are already connected to you as their Coach. Next, you need to know where to set up your direct deposit. Go to the Monitor My Business in the top navigation bar. And in the compensation box, click on My EFT Management. US Coaches have the option of a physical check for commission and bonuses or direct deposit EFT. Canada and UK Coaches must set up their EFT information in order to get their commissions. To set up EFT, select EFT from the dropdown menu. Enter in your banking information, click the Update Information button, and now you're set up with direct deposit. Lastly, you'll want to know how to find your Graphical Genealogy. This will show you how your business gets structured beneath you as you sponsor other Coaches and grow your business. Click on the Monitor My Business in the top navigation bar, and in the Downline box, click on Graphical Genealogy. The first thing you'll see is you on the top. Beneath you are the Coaches that you've enrolled in your organization. For new Coaches, by default, when your first Coach enrolls, they are put on your left leg. And when your second enrolls, they are put on your right leg. When you start to add additional Coaches, the computer will take a look at both legs, and whichever leg has the least amount of volume, adds the new Coach to that leg. This is a great way to be able to see where your new Coaches are being placed in your organization. You can also find out more about them by clicking on their name. You can get all the details about them right from your Graphical Genealogy. That's a brief overview of the Coach Office. We hope you found this information helpful.

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