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The Other Boleyn Girl

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An opportunity has arisen, to be mistress of the King of England. You could secure for this family incalculable wealth and position. Do I have a choice? No. Do you think he'll like me? Of course he will, sister. How could he not? The King! The King! May I present my daughter, Ann Boleyn. You were right to bring me here. And who are you? Mary, Your Grace. The other Boleyn girl. Yes. Mary. You've obviously made a deep impression on the king. What!? [narr] In an age when a woman's destiny... Our daughter's are being traded like cattle for the advancement of men. [narr]...was determined by her father... It's done. Tonight. Try to please him - if you can. [narr] One sister followed the rules,... I didn't betray you, you do know that. All I know is a man, who didn't know who you were, was in that room with you for half an hour, and came out besotted. [narr]...the other defied them. And what would you know of great men? I'd know one, if he were before me. Do you see one here? Looking, my lord. Ah, found one. I could give you the son you desire. We're sisters! And therefore born to be rivals. Will you give yourself to me now? Make me your queen. These are ? times. The failure to provide a male heir has weakend the king's power. ...yet I cannot bear children. You've reach too high. These rooms belong to the king's closest friend. His head now rots on a spike. You'd have me burned? I have torn this country apart, for you! The only person who's testimony we'll trust is Mary. You're my only hope. My life depends on it. I beg you, spare my sister. Why are you here for her? Because she's my sister, and therefore one half of me. [narr] The Other Boleyn Girl

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 22, 2010

The Other Boleyn Girl - Captioned Trailer

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