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Hi guy, how are you? Hi Charles, I am fine nice to see you You don't look so good mm, and you? I am not very well We need to wait for allen... Yeah, but tell me about you, how's your girlfriend? She is good but things have been a little dificult, last time she told me to get lost so we decided to take a time off to think about I see... And what about you? Nowadays i'm studying informatics and i began a video company and will create games Wow.. I can't wait to play them What are you gonna do in the future? Mmm I've never thought about it but i hope to work in any job to earn a lot of money Yeah, a kind of job you enjoy Sure How much time will it take him to get here? I don't know, probably he is just fooling around I agree Oh well I am going to take it easy while allen comes, i am tired Oh! we are in the same boat I am very tired too, I had to work for my dad in my house, because we are repairing some furnitures Oh, you have to tell me and I can help you once In a while. Nevermind, I finished yesterday, don't worry. Time flies and Allen isn't here yet. WHAT IS HE DOING? I hope he arrives soon Have you heard the rumors of a serial murderer? No, I haven't, tell me about that Listen, four people have dissapeared by now and the last one was found dead. Wow that's awful, so after this I am gonna see my baby, I haven't seen him in one month. I hope your son is healthy, why haven't you seen your baby? Because she doesn't let me get close to him that sucks! Why don't we go to search him? Yeah..

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Country: Chile
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Posted by: monkeys on Oct 21, 2013

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