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Robonaut 2 headed to ISS - SpacePod 2010.08.16

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Jason Rhian, SpaceVidcast roving KSC reporter and I'm here at the NASA press site. Today I'm out and about at one of my favorite locations in the whole world, Kennedy Space Center, to cover the STS-133 payload event which for all intents and purposes is actually the R2 event, so I'm very excited that you'll be seeing what this robot can do and some of the other neat things that NASA has to show us as we take you to our space station processing facility. Robonaut 2 was not originally supposed to really be anything more than a technology demonstrator. Jonathan: That's correct, we partnered with GM in 2006 to develop a state-of-the-art in robotics. Jason: Really? And who's idea was it? Do you know who basically said, "Look, we've gone as far as we can go on the ground with this, let's take it onboard!" Jonathan: Well when the extra upmass capability was made available to us on the station program, on what was supposed to be the last shuttle flight, we jumped on the opportunity to get to fly it. It has been a great experience taking a robot that was designed for a laboratory environment and outfitting it to meet the rigors of spaceflight. It has been a monumental effort to get it ready, but a lot of fun. Nic: R2 was a piece of technology that was developed in partnership with General Motors and NASA. And it is the most advanced dexterous humanoid in the entire world. Sometimes, you know, it gets late at night around 2:00 AM and you get to have a little fun with the robot and we might have programmed the entire kung-fu sequence in the first Matrix movie. Jason: Now, you did that in one night? Nic: Oh yeah yeah, it's a very easy system to program and you can have some fun with it. Jason: Now I've heard rumors that the faceplate for R1 was based off of Boba Fett, can you give us the behind-the-scenes story on that? Nic: Well, the behind the scenes might go a little something like R1 and Boba Fett both took inspiration from Roman Centurion armor. Jason: Fair enough, fair enough. What is that? What does that mean? Mike: Permanent multi-purpose module. Jason: Tell us a little bit about that Mike. Mike: Well, the PMM has already flown 7 times to the space station, but they've been going up, taking supplies and cargo and then coming back with equipment. Jason: That's not going to happen this time is it? Mike: Not this time. This is going to go up and stay, so it has been a fairly frequent flier. Jason: And what will they do with it when it's on station now? Mike: Well, it will become the storage warehouse for a lot of the cargo and the equipment they've got up there. The spare items that they've got up there that will allow them to store it in this module and then they'll know, "Hey, I know where this piece of equipment is, I can go in and get it and retrieve it" and that type of thing.

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Year: 2010
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Posted by: spacevidcast on Aug 16, 2010

CAPE CANAVERAL -- NASA had the payload for STS-133 on full display at Kennedy Space Center -- including the mission's "7th" crew member -- Robonaut (or R2 as he is known to his friends). ; Held at the Space Station Processing Facility (SSPF) on Aug. 12 at 1 p.m. the event showcased elements that Discovery is scheduled to lift to orbit on Nov. 1, 2010 at 4:33 p.m. EDT.

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