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>> Let's take a quick tour around the service. We'll have a look at the different elements and then different concepts that make up all of the things you'll be working with in Power BI. And just have a quick look at kind of how they fit together before we dive into the detail of how you build and work with all of those different elements. When you first login to Power BI, you'll actually see a blank screen, because you'll need to create some content. But once you've built a few dashboards, this is the sort of thing that you might see. The Dashboard is kind of the top-level concept within Power BI. Here you can see I've got a set of different data that comes from a range of different places visualized in a few different ways. I've got the descriptive elements like images or texts that help me understand what's been shown on this dashboard. So in this case, I've pulled in some data that came from our sales system. So I can see units and revenue to date, et cetera. But then also from manufacturing systems around downtime and defects that sort of thing. So I've got data coming from multiple different places all being brought into a single dashboard. And that's one of the key things with Power BI. It's about being able to track all of the different data within your business, bring it into one place so that you can help monitor that overtime to make better business decisions. Like I said, the dashboard is kind of the top-level concept that you want to understand here. And this Navigation pane on the left-hand side shows you all of the dashboards that are available to you, but then also the reports and datasets. A single dashboard is made up of multiple tiles and all of these tiles will be linked by default to a particular report behind the scenes. So when I click on one of these tiles, let's click on the revenue one here. It will take me through to report. And now you can see the Navigational pane is highlighting the report that I'm looking at. I can see the same visual and a bunch of other visuals that will help me analyze and find insights in this data by slicing, and dicing that data. This report in turn was created from a particular dataset. And you can think of a dataset as either a pointer, a connection to another database or a set of data itself that might have been cached in the Power BI service and being refreshed automatically, maybe on a daily basis. The way these things are linked together is that a dataset can be linked to multiple reports, but a report always has one single dataset. And then reports can be linked to a whole number of different dashboards. I can pin visuals from one of these reports up to multiple dashboards and each dashboard can have visuals in it for multiple reports. So as you saw the van Asda one, I've got these units and revenue sales came from my revenue report, but the defects and downtime one came from my supplier quality analysis report. So for example when I click on one of these I go through to the report underlying that visual. So we've got different reports connected to different dashboards and datasets underpinning all of these things. That's kind of the key concept to think about within the Power BI when you're using the service. The other things to know about are that you have this navigation bar across the top that gives access to things like different settings that you've got and you can see that it's locked in and knows who are, and you can sign out again through that. And you can give us feedback on this little smiley face and get support through the question mark. So there's a whole range of different things that you can do within Power BI. And we'll explore that through the rest of the videos and exercises in these ops.

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Posted by: csintl on Aug 11, 2016

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