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Masturbation and The Law of Attraction - What is the Secret? Part Three

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Masturbation and The Law of Attraction: What is the Secret? - Part Three - 29 March 2009 - Presented by: Bernard Poolman Now, let´s take this particular- or let´s take the whole energy concept also to the point of where it is now done in relationship to -for instance- lots of money. Everybody wish to be rich, dream about riches. But by now you must´ve realized a fascinating thing: if you look what is happening in the world, there is a limited supply of money. And governments are in such trouble because the banks are folding that they are starting to print money which means obviously that your money is worthless because it´s got nothing to back it up, it´s just a piece of paper like a newspaper that is being printed. But there is not enough money. So that´s a proven fact -look at the news look at the markets, there is not enough money. Obviously there is a big flaw in the system, but we are not discussing the flaw at the moment -we´re just looking at the principle and the fact that´s already proven. So now more and more people in the world wants more money and they are using the secret to imagine themselves with various riches. And you know what? They get the money because they focus on the point. Again they don´t look at the consequential outflow of what they are doing. that means, if you work with energy and you take from one point it comes from somewhere. So if you take money, it comes from somewhere. Within a world system that is not understood in terms of how it actually works and how the wealth of -for instance- the western countries was built: at the lack of for instance the countries in Africa, that that wealth in itself was actually an act of stealing. So now wishing to have (money) while another won´t have so that you have (money) while there is not enough within the system- means what: you are actually busy stealing, exactly as you are stealing energy when you are masturbating. Because really your experience of masturbation won´t happen the way it happens unless you have your point of feeling, or your picture, or your imagined person that you are having that particular sexual experience with. It won´t happen. That´s why we specifically suggest self-honesty, because without self-honesty, one will not be willing to consider the consequences of these experiences. You will not be willing to consider: But why are there some in the world with money -and others in the world that´s starving? The person with money must investigate themselves self-honestly. Do they have money because of their place of birth, because of their parents, because of their upbringing -because of their particular social structure? So, the fact that they have money is not even their own design. That´s a matter of birth. Those with no money is also a matter of birth. This inequality has taken the world now closer and closer to a brink of total destruction. Because more and more understand one thing -and you can imagine that for yourself: as more and more people are without the basic needs to survive, the human being will turn into a survival instinct being. What will the human do? What will you do for your children if you don´t have food? Would you steal? You will steal. Will you sell your body for money? You will sell your body for money -you will do whatever it takes to feed your children. We are busy creating a society which is gonna have consequences for us for some time to come. And, everyone have a look. You feel powerless and helpless to do anything about it. We have created a magnificent way to deal with it. We have created an energetic feeling. We call it LOVE. "Let´s just love the world back together". (Laughter) Let´s take that love-feeling back to masturbation and sex: how well is that working? Two thirds of everyone that gets together in that feeling of love end up divorcing, isn´t it? The others end up in secret relationships. So at the end of the day, very few people in this world are actually in a sexual relationship within a relationship that you can call 'love'. Because it´s all about this energetic movement. The moment you are fulfilled with your energy, you tend to have eyes that wonder whether another feeling of energy won´t be greater than the one you already have. And then you start searching for another feeling and you call that love as well. And then you say: "I don´t love you anymore. I am now looking for another love." But what you are really looking for is not love. It is energy. So that´s why we at Desteni say that love doesn´t really exist as one would like it to be. The love that exists in the world is one based in energy. And that energy has a beginning and an end. It changes -from love to hate, from hate to love. It´s most prolifically demonstrated in relationships. And specifically in sex and masturbation. For instance, if you are making love to your wife and while you´re making love a picture pops in that takes you to your orgasm because that´s your imaginary relationship that you have on the side, your dream relationship that you in secret masturbate about while you are in your marriage, you must know your marriage is in serious trouble. It´s inevitable that you are going to get fed up with your partner because your imaginary relationship is gonna grow stronger than your real relationship. And then, once that breaks up, you´ll say "ok cool, now I can actually go out and find another love partner" But in fact, you were already committing an act of adultery in the time that you had your imaginary relationship. The same as what happens when you´re busy with your masturbation relationship. And understand, we are talking here about the principles that happen within energy -don´t believe what I´m saying, go and investigate it for yourself self-honestly. Look at yourself and at that what you´ve already experienced. Don´t justify! Don´t make it right - be self-honest! And you´re gonna be amazed at what you´re going to find about what´s really going on within our so called 'oneness-reality' of the 'great human being'. So, let´s look at the point, the implication, of you being able to within a oneness reality (being able) to bring into your energetic presence the energy you perceive that you... when you saw a person walking on the street that you have now an imaginary relationship with, you had a particular feeling that that person transferred to you -which was their energy, that was their presence. So now you bring their presence which is their energy into your energy without their permission and then you masturbate, taking it to an orgasm, making/creating this imaginary beautiful experience but what are you really doing? What you do in thought, word and deed is the same. That is an understanding within all our religions. The implication of what you are doing is actually: rape. You are actually raping the person. Look at it: you are taking a person against their will, (taking) their energy and you are having a sexual experience. No permission is possible. Part Four to Continue .... CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Now, let´s take this particular - or let´s take the whole energy-concept also to the point of; where it is now done in relationship to - for instance- lots of Money. Everybody wish to be rich. Dream about riches. But by now you must realize a fascinating thing: If you look what is happening in the world, there is a limited supply of money. And governments are in such trouble because the banks are folding that they are starting to print money -which means obviously your money is worthless -because it´s got nothing to back it up, it´s just a piece of paper like a newspaper thats being printed. But there is not enough money.

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