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Hello welcome to history with Glenn today we will be doing an interview with alexander Hamilton. Lets right into the interview! How are you doing today Alexander Hamilton? I'm doing good how are you? Im doing good to. Ok lets start the interview! First question what was your child hood like? I was born on January 11th, 1775 on the island of Nevis in the West Indies. I eventually immigrated to the U.S. in New York when I was 20. What were some important accomplishments you achieved? Well I wrote the federalist which is 85 essays explaining why you should ratify the constitution, and James Madison and John Jay helped me write this. I led an army in the Battle of York Town, and I also made the Bank of the United States which helped with fundings to help the issue with the huge debt of the government 3rd question, did you have any conflicts or rivalries with anybody? Yes, I had 2 conflicts/ rivalries. One was with Thomas Jefferson because we had different views on everything. Such as I favored a republic, he favored a democracy. I favored a National Bank and he thought it was unconstitutional, so he did not like the National Bank. He had a strict interpretation of the constitution, I had a loose interpretation. and I wanted an economy based on manufacturing and he wanted an economy based on farming. The second rivalry/ conflict is Aaron Burr. I have a rivalry/ conflict with him because during a presidency, it was a draw between Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson. I thought Thomas Jefferson would be a better president. So I convinced 2 people to vote for him which made him the president. and he was pretty angry about that, so he challenged me to a duel right after this interview. 4th question, what was your position in the government when you worked there? My position in the government was secretary of treasury under president Washington. What the secretary of treasury does is that it deals with the economy and money issues with the government. and when I was secretary of treasury it was right after the American Revolution, so there was a huge debt to pay. So I made the Bank of the United States which dealt with that debt. and it also established nationally excepted currency that all the states excepted and used. 5th question what college did you go to? I went to King's College and studied math, medicine, and the law. Thank you for your time Alexander Hamilton. Thanks for having me. That's all the time we have today folks and stay tuned,next time for history with Glenn. Breaking News, Alexander Hamilton has been killed in a duel against Aaron Burr.

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