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Judy Moody & the Not Bummer Summer (2011)

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Mom! Mom! Oh, Mom, can I go to circus camp? (Mom) Mmmm, I don't think so. (Judy) Then I could quit school, and you can loan me out to the circus, and I'll make gobs of money. [sound effect: recording slowing down] No one in this family has any imagination. I, Judy Moody, am ready for the ultimate summer, and it doesn't include my brother, Stink. (Stink) I'm going to catch Bigfoot. (Judy) Yeah, right. Your mom and I, have to fly to California, and you and Stink... are staying here. What? (Mom) Your aunt Opal's coming. Hey! Whoa! (Stink) You know how drive, right? (Opal) Of course. [tires screeching] [kids screaming] (Stink) You call that driving? (Judy) Aunt Opal turned out to be way cool. And we came up with a plan. Introducing the Judy Moody Mega-Rare Not Bummer Summer Dare. So we do these dares, and for each one we get, we get 10 thrill points. The thrill race is on. Stop! Supercalifragilisticexpithrillidillic! Oh. What's wrong? [retching [kids screaming] All of my friends have more thrill points than me. I need more thrills. You can't have a not bummer summer without them. There's gotta be something else. Is bigfoot really truly for absolute positive real? Yeah! If we catch bigfoot, I might even win the race. Let's do this. ♪ [Miley Cyrus] Let's have the time of our lives ♪ ♪ Like there's no one else around ♪ ♪ Just throw your hands up high ♪ (Narrator) Experience the most thrilledelic, super-awesome, summer adventure ever. Look, it's Bigfoot! There! After him! (Opal) Stop. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid we need this bike. Who are you? The special agent in charge of the apprehension of large unindentified creatures. [toy squeaks] ♪ Let's have the time of our lives ♪ ♪ Like there's no one else around ♪ (narrator) Judy Moody, and the not Bummer SUmmer. (Opal) Ride and elephant. Today only. Oh! [scream] [elephant trumpets] [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on May 15, 2011

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