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OnBoarding Expectations

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Hello! On behalf of all of the members of our great business family, we would like to welcome you to Rollins. We believe you have made a great decision joining our company. My name is John Wilson, president and chief operating officer. And with me are Jerry Gahlhoff, president of Specialty Brands and head of Human Resources; Freeman Elliott, president of Orkin USA; and Steve Leavitt, president of Emerging Brands. Each of us has been where you are today, not just your first day with a new company in what may be a new industry for you, but our first day in this business was just like being in your shoes. You see, I started with the company as a fumigation technician in Florida. Steve started 20 years ago as a technician in Nevada. And Freeman’s career began as a technician 25 years ago. Jerry started in sales and service roles over 20 years ago as well. So, whether you joined us as a technician, a sales inspector, a customer service specialist or some other position, we want you to know that your opportunities are unlimited. That’s why we believe the future is so bright, we got to wear these shades. We’re here to share with you what you should expect during the onboarding process you’re about to experience. Hi! I’m Jerry Gahlhoff. It’s my great pleasure to share with you the important work that has been going on prior to your first day. Team members had been hard at work getting things ready for your arrival. Your location leader has defined the work that you will be doing and what training you will be receiving. They’ve been setting up your workspace and ordering all the tools and access to systems you need in order to ensure you have a great start. And other co-workers are preparing to provide you the necessary on-the-job training you need to be successful. The first few days in a new job can be very stressful so our aim is to make it as smooth as possible for you. Hi! I’m Freeman Elliott. And I would like to share with you what you can expect during your first few weeks with the company. Before we get started, the most important thing to remember is you should never disappoint your customers or co-workers. And the goal of the first few weeks is to help you prepare to fulfill that commitment. When you first come onboard, you’ll be greeted by your location leader and team members. There is some paperwork that you have to complete, but the most important part of your first few weeks is the training you’ll be receiving. It will be online training and a lot of reading that when combined with your own on-the-job training experiences, will give you the knowledge and skills to be successful. One very important thing to remember is to take a lot of notes and ask a lot of questions. There is much to learn, and you should not be afraid to ask questions. Sometimes situations call for us to collaborate and ask others for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It takes an entire team working together to ensure we never disappoint our customers. Also, you’re safety is extremely important to us. So, pay close attention to everything you’ll need to do to ensure your safety. You’ll receive some training about safety, but it is up to you to help us make this as a safe place to work. Hi! I’m Steve Leavitt. As you can see there is a lot you should expect from us when you join our family. Now, let’s talk about two things we expect from you. First, we expect you to take responsibility to get the most from your training. Be engaged and ask questions. If there is something you need, please notify a member of your management team. There is a lot to learn, but we also have many resources available. The greatest of these are your co-workers; get to know them, spend time with them. And if you need some help, simply ask. As our vice president of sales says, “If you are willing to ask, there are many who are willing to help.” Freeman shared with you the importance of being safe, and protecting yourself and our customers. Well, the second thing we expect from you is that you protect our reputation, and that includes your reputation as well. From the very first day you are on stage whether in uniform, on the phone or in a company vehicle, you are representing Rollins. A positive impression helps us all while the negative impression hurts everyone. Show up every day, dress to play, and remember to never disappoint. Our goal is to help you have a positive work experience. You and all your co-workers are the key ingredient that make us better than the competition. And remember, our goal is to never disappoint, whether that’s an internal or external customer. You see, we believe in taking care of our employees, providing an extraordinary service to our customer and always doing the right thing. It has been our formula for success for many years. And it all starts with you. Thank you once again for selecting Rollins. You have a bright future ahead of you, and we’ll look forward to seeing you at the top.

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OnBoarding Expectations - What to expect when coming on board Rollins and the family of brands.

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