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How The Elite Control Politics

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I wanted to draw a picture %uh forum listeners out there are very simple query pressure the describes effectively the false left-right paradigm the republican party props up the democratic party in the democratic party props up the republican party if you had it one of the political parties standing on his own standing on its own when the when came along it would just fall over when pressure revolutionary pressure from the population not liking what's going on or new groups wanting the power structure which is the main source of of revolution most of it is driven by evil is like the elite is driven by evil where where i have a altruistic revolution by itself in a single party system will fall over if you take the two-party system genuinely in a month against each other this is basically the arch therefore spilling together keeps them together and makes it become a very strong stable platform on which they can build their hierarchy all new world order system okay i'm so the current two party system has been dominated ma dot been controlled by the elite sits atop it now the elite with a one-party system would not be balanced on top of one party they would be subject to being toppled being pushed over you put the two parties up against each other place former royal arch and now it's very hard to separate those two because they're deleting up against each other this is really simple but i will explain this to people check it out folks why do you see so many leftists and doesn't mean well like rage against the machine drama relevo or cannery row ones who relied on some of the issues with him believe in alaska's policies we need a global carbon tax and was there's only funding that and i don't know the elite the corporations are against it because the media advertisers the big corporations will companies are against it henry rollins doesn't know doesn't have the documents doesn't understand that actually that's part of a sophisticated game that hold the corporation say probably we don't want to spend more actually funded they know the publisher went to the fact they're corrupt the public will be fooled daniela supporting the agenda it's please don't throw me in the briar patches the older brier rabbit situation there's a political issue this is where the population resides and then we supposedly to the grass ridge come up into the political parties and then they lean on each other's i was saying earlier and support each other they're standing alone a revolution horribly power structures will easily toppling over but we need to gather it's not gonna fall down analyst symbol but but let me give you everyday example of this as i said for the last season all these evil mainline republicans who we know are liars through the media even exposes being liars they see the line about everything else so the republicans come out and say we're against a global carbon tax wellman bygone time for a global carbon tax and so that's now the two sides and leaning up against each other review the other side support and so democrats overhear republicans over here republicans attacked brocco bombing and then the democrats attacked john mccain and then the population is down here is trying to see john mccain is representing them personally is being their daddy for their personal power comes from of their camp their brand name there and there they're more and their brand of automobile porter chevy and so this is a controlled and so we have we have republicans attacking democrats and that's the force against handling of democrats attacking republicans as a fortune spent and really it's a one unit supporting themselves and containing the revolution some of the people who were down here never learned that there is a world outside in non-working this control paradigm we are locked with the end of the left-right paradigm that many times this year this huge distraction when we analyze every every facet of the two political parties never realizing that you themselves personally front or pappas for a larger power structure now this is incredibly simple but that's how this works and then thirteen parties can eliminate the issues vetted and edited through this control program make a living the scope of differences wishing you look at it there's almost no gets between the two instead of getting the people look outside the box at the waterworld

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How The Elite Control Politics

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