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Short film Kısa Film

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Can you press four please? You know what, I am really sick of doing these types of interviews always the same type of people, always the same type of conversations Why are you actually putting me into this! Its totally fake! I hope she is not the one who is going to interview me Do you have onions in your eyes? No girl! I just put my glasses you know what, I don't have time to deal with that! Do you want some carrots? of course not! I don't believe you! Hey man! My name is Huseyin -Yavuz - what's wrong bro, your hands are sweating? Really! Okay relax, look at these stupids, you are the best, you can do this - Hello! - Hello! - How are you today? - F..ff fine - Make yourself at home, why you are so nervous? - Evde mi! - Sorry! - No Turkish in the interview So tell me Yavuz, why would I hire you as a business Analyst? I.. I am a shy person as you know, and I am a really good at statistics computers are my life, and I am really good at statistics What was the most stressful situation you have ever been, and how did you over come it? I think the most stressful situation is now and I haven't over came yet -Okay let me ask you a question, Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer? What!, what is she talking about, what are they expecting from me I haven't touch a rifle or a bow before. I can't be hunter I am a gatherer, I seek oppurtunities, that's why I am here. Why would I hire you? Well, I am good at handling stree, that's why so far, I am the most successful in class, in university, in my internship Simply because I hate losing, and I have never lost Also I am creative, yes I am creative and always come up with some brand new ideas Hmm, so tell me one of your latest brand new ideas that you came up with mm.. okay.. in the company that I had worked as an intern we have had some issues about the employees and I... - Hello! - Hello! - seems like someone didn't learn anything about communication skills! oh, No worries, I have taken dating courses before Wohoo, dating courses! Okay, enough joking! How do you do today? Are you stressed? oh, there is no reason to be stressed - Maybe you trust yourself so much - why wouldn't I? Can you sit in a good way I am sorry, okay Why do you want to work with us? Because I am the man you are looking for Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In her place Not before I die What was the most stressful situation you have ever been, and how did you handle it? It happened to me six years ago, and I remember it as yesterday I had a car accident, that moment I thought about what will I say to my father and my family then my parents, my friends, started to tell me their life experinces, At that moment I realized that, I have to enjoy every moment in my life, and then I became the guy you are seeing now I guess Gamze and Yavuz are sutiable, but, I will never ever, take Huseyin. Oh, come on we should give him a chance I totally agree, can't you see that the guy is having a degree from Business School of London Also, personally, I saw him the most realsitic one among them He is not memorizing answers, he is not faking anything, he is just being so cool! You know I saw him being very disrespectful, and I don't like the way he is acting, I don't think he fits our agenda Already he will be a business analyst, he won't interact with people, why not giving him a chance I agree, plus that you have to pay attention that this generation behaves this way And our job is to be flexible with generation gaps Actually what I care for, is what is he producing for me at the end of the day - Whatever, do what suits you (German) - don't German me! Hey, how can someone be late on his first day of work? Oh, are you talking to me? No body came late except you here? Oh come on man can't you see the rainy wheather, that's why I came late Don't come up with excuses like that, we all came on time as well Oh, come on man! What are you doing? Is that why you are here for? - Hey, it's okay, it's just his first day, and I am sure he will learn with time. - But! Remember, you were like that, did I treat you in this way? Okay, this is not my business, but him working is my business I need these reports to be done in two hours - All of them! - yes baby, we just started! - Okay! What's up man? - aaa, Almost done!, how about you? Oh great great, keep going - Oh didn't I finish it yet! - Seems like I didn't Hey, you have to take a break sometimes -Okay! thank you - Tell me what do you do in your free times? Working! Okay, it's already done, almost done, and yeah, print - Are you still here ha! - Oh girl! I am faster than yoi - I already completed my work - okay - Oh, what's that? - Oh what the hell did you do!. Okay tell me that didn't happen right! No! - Okay calm down, calm down, sit, you had to, you saved them right! - Okay, okay No, I didn't save it! Oh hey!, you still here! - Hey, yeah! - Let me ask you something, were you the one who did the analysis of Adam Siper's manufacturing company project? Yes, it took me a full week to make it ready Wow!, man I can]t believe you are making this progress in just 3 weeks!

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