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Masters of KAB. Class #12 : Make Your Own Luck with Karen Berg

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Some of us think that many times we can have like a good luck charm. We know about the red string that we use on our wrist to avoid negativity. You know like people staring at us and saying maybe what I'd like to have what they have But also the red string is there also that we can remember our own negativity. That we can remember to keep our own lips in the right direction. So it's a two edged sword. A lot of times when people, they say when you have a baby in the house it brings good luck. Or when we do things, when we think positive energy. Positive thought is the thing that I believe brings the most good luck of all. You know it's the person that wakes up in the morning, I remember I, my mom, she should rest in peace, she would get up and say "Oh it's grey out and this is bad and that's bad and" Sure enough it was. Because she created it by her own consciousness. And what we learn from that is that we as individuals can actually motivate positive energy in the cosmic by just thinking positive and those positive thoughts are the thing that brings us better, closer and closer to the energy and the Light and when you have Light then darkness moves away. Because you can't have two energies in the same space. You can have darkness or you can have the Light. And basically it's within our power. Yes that doesn't mean that every day is going to be beautiful and the Sun is always shining. But we can make it beautiful. Because you know what, it might be raining outside, there may be tremendous clouds, but the Sun truly is always shining. Even when we don't see it. It's sort of like when we're on an airplane and we're about to take off and it's so rough, you know and there's a thunder storm but as that plane lifts and it goes above the clouds, it's smooth sailing. So the answer is, can one bring luck into their lives? Can one make life better? It isn't an individual that does it. It's simply learning how to have positive thought and positive consciousness. Even though I know that things aren't great. Even though that I see that there are so many things in this world that one needs to overcome. But you know what? Step by step. I will create my own luck, if you will. I will create a space through my conscious being and through the way I act to others and propelling positive energy by the way I speak to others by the way I present to others To give myself that little edge that perhaps some people call luck. I say, it's a matter of consciousness. And with that, with that ability we can look at everything and find the glass half full. Life in all of its different convoluted forms brings us to one purpose, to fulfil our job. To take the karma that we were born with and change it into something more positive and more beautiful, so that we can give that gift that we were given in the original time back to the Creator in wholeness. And the ability to do that, the support on both sides, that makes us ride as on eagle's wings, is my consciousness to say, yes I do see, I'm not a Pollyanna, I do see that there are things that need to be changed. Okay, I am going to try with my energy, with my work and certainly with my consciousness to see things, indeed with a cup half full. Thank you.

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Make Your Own Luck with Karen Berg

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