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Pierre Vallee - Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada - French (Global Lives Project, 2013) -13:30:00 - 13:59:59

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People who are "zen" are usually... more passive than active... And that's not really my case. I am just going to unblock it one last time... One more reverse cleaning in order to maximize... the sucking process. As I explained before, I was elected as... vice-president of my corporation. So, we negotiated two... two service agreements during the two years I was in place. We integrated a new group of pilots and we negotiated service agreements for the corporation members. And, the people I... negotiated with... I don't think they would call me "zen" really. It's great to be able to... show the sweet side... the sweet side on one hand and the sour side on the other hand. I meant zen in the sense of... with a somewhat... ...inner peace. Ah, that for example, yes. I am not the kind of person to rethink things over. Once we've made a choice... we go forward with that choice, so... I am probably conditioned by my job... You know, when we are on board ships, if we had to challenge ourselves everytime the ... the captain makes a comment or... ... the captain tells us he would do it this way rather than that way... I don't think you'd be a very very good pilot. But I don't mean that you should be stubborn, but once you have an idea, especially when you believe in it, I think it is good to... to do everything you can to make it happen. I was talking about the project Zachary worked on at school; and my wife helped him a lot with it... I really like that. When you have a goal, you should follow through all the way. It's not worth it either to turn a deaf ear and rush headlong when we realize it is not working. But perseverance... is a good quality nonetheless. If you weren't a pilot, what would you... what would be your job? Gynecologist. No, I often make that joke, but hum... We know someone who... a friend who is a gynecologist and ... She made us... she made me understand very quickly that it wasn't always fun, but... honestly, I don't know. What could I be? Maybe... maybe a real estate agent. It may sound a bit ridiculous but... over the last 23 hours, we didn't get a chance, but... I, I... I also own a small property... management company. And I make a few transactions every year. I used to buy small houses that I would renovate and resell. But I have been a bit busy work-wise in the last two years. I only worked on one small house in the past two years. But I own a few blocks of apartements that make money so... it keeps me busy. And... I think I am a person who is able to define good opportunities so it may seem to be somewhat... the opposite, but I think I would have enjoyed being a real estate agent. Otherwise... Maybe... I quite enjoyed my experience in negotiations, and, well... we had... The opposing party had a negotiator named Sir Riel La Fontaine and, even though he was a tough opponent, I enjoyed... I enjoyed the interaction I had with this gentleman. And... for us it was... for me it was... one of my first experience in negotiations, but while working with this gentleman, we knew that for him, it wasn't the first negotiation and he knew exactly what to say, when to say it, to press our buttons and make someone like me sway from sweet to sour. So... I would have... loved to develop such expertise in negotiations. But maybe not to the point of studying law because I find it very boring, but... the... this gentleman introduced me to a... a type of... job I didn't know before. Even though law is boring, we always need a good lawyer or a good solicitor. It's ... It's always... It's always important to be able to trust these... the professionals, in real estate transactions. It is essential to have a good solicitor. But I don't think I would have made a career in it. Well, I think the swimming pool is clean. Let's use the small net one more time. There is one thing I always think about... If I had a chance to go back in time, in terms of real estate, business opportunities, I would make different choices. But at a professional level, I would go back to 17 years old tomorrow morning.¸ I would apply again to the Maritime Institute and, I would study navigation again. Snowbirds! Hey, Dad. -- Yes? Regarding the scooter...-- Yeah...-- The class only lasts one day. Okay. And we need to take an appointement one week beforehand to take the test. And what's the test? Well, that's a test. -- Where does the test take place? At the driving school or the SAAQ? I'll check. What? So? -- What? -- Where is it? Oh yeah? -- Yeah. -- How come? Kennedy! Come here. Do you want... What? Ohhh... You know earlier on, you could hear... Oh yeah? I told you Snowbirds were F-18s, well, that's not true. They are not F-18s. They are planes. They are a different kind of plane. Oh yeah? -- Yeah. Are they here for the airshow? -- Yeah. What? You closed it. Ahhh... Look, it's restarting. -- Okay then. Which one are you using? Humm... The transparent one. Is it good? -- I personnaly like it better than the other one. -- Oh, yeah? We're going to have to buy more. What? Soap. Yeah. There's not much left. Are we going to ???-- No. -- Ahhhh! Hey, there's an eddy in the middle of the bottle. It's free, hurry up! Well, the Portal... So, what have I done again? I don't know. Let's have a look. Study plan in science. I don't need it. Is it for your exam? Yeah. -- Are you exempt? Are you sure? Yes, I got 97. -- That's good. That's pretty good. Now, it's 2.15pm.

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Posted by: globallives on Sep 30, 2013

Cleaning the swimming pool alone. Going to garage. Checking some boat info on laptop.

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